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Why Ride?

A question asked to a lot of bikers: Why Ride? There are seven million eight hundred sixty four thousand five hundred thirteen reasons and counting… We shall not name them all, for others are similar in nature…
why ride
Other people bike to get far, while others ride ‘coz they don’t have a car.
Some people pedal to get fit, so that they can happily eat.
why ride
Others love building bikes as their toys, and they simply want to try out their new creation with the boys.
why ride
Few of my friends ride to relax, contemplate and reflect on the week that was…
For others, it is their “me” time— escape from reality, pedal off to nowhere, get lost and find yourself back again.
I know some people who do it as a “regular maintenance”=instead of popping pharmaceuticals, they get high on cycling. The happy drug (endorphin) is such rush, only some would get this.
why ride why ride
Athletes put in saddle time in order to train, whether for competition or cross training, cycling is one neat exercise.
why ride
A lot ride for fun. By connotation, it is equal to happiness and joy. Nobody can explain it, you just feel it.
Riding is much faster than walking, so others save time when going to the market or store by riding their utility bike with baskets and all.
Mountain bikers do it in the trails to be closer to nature. Riding energizes them and they get more of the chi when in the mountains… They open up and let the energy flow.
why ride
Other folks bike with friends/ loved ones and its the companionship that they’re after. The laughs, the bonding and the friendship; that’s what matter.
why ride
why ride
Some ride to get rid of the flab, to get sexy and look fab.
Some go far with friends and measure their distance covered while cycling… but in the end, all the calories burned will be gained back with festive eating!!!!
why ride
why ride
Others ride to be in or to be cool…
Some bike so they can take pictures to share in their social media. That gives them praises and compliments, and the biker becomes happy. Thus, the end result of the bike is still served.
For others it is an alternative to video games, hand-eye coordination training,  my young padawan learner…
why ride
why ride
A few ride to support their partner who loves cycling, now I think that is genuine love.
A number ride to work, using the bicycle as their means of transportation.
Others ride because that is their job.
lost in maarat with toni_0095 (9)
Some ride to race. They want to be the fastest so they ride more and more.
There are those who ride because of play. even at night, they still ride like day.
Others ride to jump. Others ride to freestyle.
Wawa Dec 2013 (23)
Some bike to the beach, to cruise and to chill.
Whatever reason it is for you, I trust that your answer be true…
You wouldn’t lie why you ride,
It is just something you wouldn’t hide.
Why Ride? (please do write your answers on the comments box)

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