Do A Wheelie, Danny!

Do A Wheelie, Danny!

Biking Around UP Diliman (School for Cycling)

July 5, 2022 Comments (0) Blog Posts

“Where Do We Go?” The Rider’s Perennial Question

When the regulars meet up to ride, the question of destination always arises. Most bikers just go out and pedal off to the unknown, just looking for an end point for today’s ride. The destination, the route, the challenges are all factored in, then the quorum would decide to agree on the given suggestions.

"Where Do We Go?" The Rider's Perennial Question
Why is there a fake beach in Manila Bay? WHY?!?!

“Saan tayo?”

We experience the same NOMADIC feeling when we are going out for a ride. We have some default destinations but we get tired of them as well. Here are some suggestions on where to go:

  1. RIVER- Marikina Riverbanks. It is a park and haven for cyclists and runners. The air is not too poluted and there are trees lining up the small part of the river. Always fun to go there.
  2. LAKE- Laguna de Bay in Taguig. Plot your map to C-6 in Taguig and you can have a fun stroll via Pasig or through Taguig.
  3. MOUNTAIN- The nearest is in San Mateo, Rizal. It used to be Timberland, but they have closed the subdivision to mountain bikers. Now you can just go there and make the climb.
  4. ANTIPOLO- Type “mangga” in Antipolo and climb with other cyclists. Bring home some suman for your loved ones at home.
  5. MOA- Go ride towards Manila Bay and enjoy the sea breeze in Mall of Asia. Also a biker’s hang-out due to the paved roads around MOA.
"Where Do We Go?" The Rider's Perennial Question

Watch our Urban Ride!

Sharing with you our ride towards Manila. Shot and edited by Marv.

Hope you enjoy!

Still bored on these routes? Choose a friend from your contact list and touch base. Give him/her a surprise visit. Have a cold water drink at their home and then go back. That is one nice way to touch base… plus you got to ride!

"Where Do We Go?" The Rider's Perennial Question
google maps this resto. Solid dimsum yum!

Sometimes, I just turn on my Strava and just pedal out. When I am too far from home already, I just stop, drink water and head back. Keeps me sane.

Wherever you go, it does not matter. As long as you savor the trip. Stop under a tree, hydrate often and eat the local food. Take in all the sights, aroma and music around you. Be grateful for the blessings of the Earth and enjoy the ride!

Take Photos To Remember Your Rides!

"Where Do We Go?" The Rider's Perennial Question
Saw this while biking in Marikina: croc bigger than a car!
"Where Do We Go?" The Rider's Perennial Question
Manila Bay view
For the urban ride; what is your weapon of choice???
Bikers you see on the road: original MOUNTAIN GOAT, Sir Manny with officemate, Felyn.
rigid retro carbon MTB for urban rides so you don’t have to worry about potholes!
4×4 monsters to take you to the trail head. saw this inside a mall.

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