Safe Pathways For Bikes Unanimously Approved By Senate

Safe Pathways For Bikes Unanimously Approved By Senate

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Bike Essentials For Summer

What Do We Need For Bike Season? Bike Essentials For Summer

Weather is getting hotter. Sunny days are here again. There are sometimes monsoon showers that visit our country but they are just passing rain showers that we can wait out. But April is officially the start of Bike Season!

What Do We Need For Bike Season?

Here are the essentials for Bike Season:

What Do We Need For Bike Season? Bike Essentials For Summer

Dependable Water Holder – It is very important to have a decent water bottle/pack (with liquid) to avoid dehydration. Drink up before your body overheats from the high temperature. We need to drink constantly so we can have the energy to finish the ride. Some riders throw in slices of lemon in the bottle to add vitamins and upgrade the drink. So, whether you use a hydration pack or water bottle, the main idea is to hydrate!

What Do We Need For Bike Season? Bike Essentials For Summer

A nice and fresh helmet. Have you been rocking your helmet for years now? It’s time to reset your helmet. If you have the funds, get a new helmet! No funds? Change your pads and clean your helmet strap with soap, disinfectant and water. Dry it up under the sun and spray on your favorite fabric softener to give it a fresh new smell. This summer season, the worst feeling when you are all sweaty is to smell your old perspiration in the strap.

What Do We Need For Bike Season? Bike Essentials For Summer
anti-pollution body care serum

Biore Sunblock– There are sticky sun blocks and there are thick gooey ones. We don’t like those sunblocks. We like Biore because it is light and smooth on the skin. It smells nice, plus it doesn’t leave white stuff on your face. With Biore, you instantly get SPF50 which prevents skin darkening and skin ageing. It only makes sense that applying sunblock helps you “feel” summer better and you get that beach vibe.

What Do We Need For Bike Season? oakley clifden
Clifden: made for the mountain

Cool Looking Shades– A pair of sun shades always do good. Valleybikes believes that shades are absolutely necessary and important in every ride. You don’t want to squint and have the sun’s glare in your eyesight when going downhill really fast. What if you suddenly cover your eye with your arm and then with that split second of letting go of the handlebar, you crash? That wouldn’t happen if you got your shades on. Of course, it wouldn’t hurt to look good while you’re at it. There are tons of brands out there. It is up to you to choose which one suites your style and budget.

What Do We Need For Bike Season? ecqseason2
Air Queen from Korea is my mask-o-choice

Easy to breathe mask- We have been accustomed to wearing masks because it protects us from the dreaded virus. As cyclists, we have learned how to adapt riding with a mask on. It is so much easier if we use the proper mask to the shape and contour of our face. Some masks are too big, or sometimes they are too small for the shape of our lower face. The masks should also be effective in filtering out the unnecessary germs. Plus of course, it should be comfortable and breathable especially when climbing.

What Do We Need For Bike Season? money
Head: Andres Bonifacio (Philippine hero) Tail: Tayabak (Philippine endemic plant)

Baon– Money or banana, as long as your baon can sustain you and not make you go hungry for the ride, that is fine. Sometimes, just a simple candy or chocolate can energize you until the end of the ride. Remember, you gotta eat before you get hungry (when cycling). Don’t forget your baon!

What Do We Need For Bike Season? saging
Saging: busog ka na, iwas pulikat pa!
What Do We Need For Bike Season? Bike Essentials For Summer alcohol
alcohol: walang amats

Alcohol/ Hand Sanitizer– It is the year 2021. We live in different times. The digital clock started in the year 2020, wherein everyone adapted to technology in doing work, communication, school and banking. the sanitization of hands comes along with the times. We have to live with these viruses and we laso have to protect our health, thus, we should have alcohol or any form of disinfectant in our “pack”.

What Do We Need For Bike Season? Bike Essentials For Summer smart phone

Smart Phone- Take pictures, call your friend or loved one, activate your map locator or Strava, listen to music and a lot more. Thank God, technology is working for us. Smart Phones makes life easier and more compact. Phone batteries last longer now. What used to be just a two hour battery can last up to one whole day (with internet and calls) now. Maximize your gadget, or else, it would be like having a Ferrari sitting in traffic.

All Up To You

These are just some of the suggestions when riding nowadays. The list can go on and on, if you want to add spare tubes, air pump, bike tools and the like. It really depends on how long and how far do you plan to ride. The longer the ride, the more packed you should be.

This list is a good memory check before you leave the house for those “outside missions”. If you are not going inside establishments, that list is enough. But if you shall go indoors in your pedal mission, you would also need a face shield and your trusty bike lock. If it is a purely cardio bike sesh, no need for anything else. Just make sure you look awesome.

What Do We Need For Bike Season? Bike Essentials For Summer

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