We ride fine bikes. There are bikes, and there are pimped up bikes by Valleybikes. The crew aims to please all the environmentalists who need a healthy ride. We shall create the perfect bike for your need. Whether it is a roadie, a cruiser or mountain bike, if it pleases you, we’ll make one for you.

First, you must decide what kind of bike is best suited for you. How shall you use it? As a recreation? As a sport? Hobby? Or occasional week end out door warrior? Health reasons? Whatever bike you need, we shall deliver.
Second step is to design your bike. We shall brainstorm on the possible look of your dream bike. What color scheme you want, the blings you shall add…We shall make your dream a reality…Deposit 50% of the arranged price. Give the crew a few days to order the stuff from different bike parts suppliers and once the bike is done, we shall have a fun ride together with the builders. Contact +63908-8861289.
Why Valleybikes?
Yes, we can visit the local bike shop,and take a look around. They are all my friends. They are all good.
But they are limited to the parts that they carry. At Valleybikes, we can outsource the parts from the other bike rats around. We shall build a One-of-one. This bike is made just for you. Your specs, your color, your choice.
At Valleybikes, we brag of bike aesthetics, plus function. We ride fine bikes.

 J.D. Cruzer

J.D. Cruzer

But we don’t just make fine bikes, we also do fine rides. Valleybikes live for adventure.
yellow vester2 (3)
Let’s love our own. Let’s ride our own trails and enjoy the rich nature our country has to offer. Best single track and most diverse mountains are all here. Why ride somewhere else?

It’s fun to travel.
Sometimes, it’s much better if you are pedaling!


Check out the places we’ve ridden:


Sagada, Mountain Province, Philippines

wazat wawa


wazat? la mesa ecopark

La mesa Ecopark bike trail

wazat Caliraya Laguna

Caliraya Laguna

wazat Ka Vergel

Ka Vergel

wazat sta. inez

sta. inez

wazat Mt. Balagbag. Rodriguez Rizal

Mt. Balagbag. Rodriguez Rizal

wazat Mt. Maarat

Mt. Maarat

wazat Los Banos Laguna

Los Banos Laguna

Angono Petroglyphs

Angono Petroglyphs

wazat susong dalaga

Bundok ng Susong Dalaga

wazat? banaue rice terraces

Banaue rice terraces

We’ve been fooling around and going to destinations, ridin’ our bikes. We see something interesting, we take a snapshot. We see something bike related, we become excited.

b4 river cross

"Manong the plumber and his piped out bike"

“Manong the plumber and his piped out bike”

"Shakespeare's Hemlet"

“Shakespeare’s Hemlet”

We love going places. We get stoked riding single track, fire road, rock garden, or any kind of trail nature has to offer. Bike adventure. Those are the magic words. Tell us that and we are game.


mr. fatbike
wazat artbike

wazat abuse test

abuse test

what the?

what the?

wazat sandwich

sandwich rockstar

let's ride

let’s ride


where to buhay na batu?

where to buhay na batu?

cray cray

cray cray


Along the way, we meet different kinds of interesting people who are also into bicycles. They ride as hard as we do (sometimes, harder), plus they are funny, witty and fun to bike with. It’s the laughter and camaraderie that add flavor to each ride.

wazat hinulugang taktak

hinulugang taktak


Goats reverse AFP

blackdiamond mar23 (3)


wawa 2013 (51)

nonongs pic

mar 15 timberland Ryans first (6)


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