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December 21, 2020 Comments (0) Bicycles, Blog Posts

Vintage AMF Roadmaster Voyager Patina, Baby!!!

If you happen to encounter a dinosaur bone, what would you do with it?

Hang it on your wall?

Sell it on Ebay?

Use it as a weapon?

Valleybikes stumbled upon a dinosaur bone in the form of a bicycle: AMF Roadmaster Voyager in its original state… never been repainted, touched nor restored. The worn out decals are still there, but barely!

Corrosion took over the frame, bars, fork, crank arms, rims and stem!

Vintage Challenge

We didn’t want to sell the bike on Ebay for money cannot pay for a piece of history. This original American Machine and Foundry (AMF Inc.) Roadmaster Voyager might just be rusted pieces of metal to some, but for the true enthusiast, this is a priceless bike treasure.

We wanted to restore it to its original state, but it would look just like an ordinary old bike. There would be no “attitude” from the bike. So, Master Lee and I agreed to just preserve the bike in its “rusted state of glory”.

We kept all the decals and original parts in its current state, disassembled the bike and covered the steel parts with clear top coat. Re-grease all the metal bearings and make the bike ride-able. We brought life back once again to this gem.

Unique Dropout

This Roadmaster has a very unique dropout. This is the only bike I’ve encountered with such an artistic shape for a dropout. Heavy metal means heavy duty for some folks. So if you see this dropout in any other vintage bike, you’re sure its a Roadmaster Voyager!

horizontal and vertical drops!

Start of an Era

The bicycle dates back to the late 50’s to the early 60’s and it marks the era of the 26 inch wheels, with standard headtube and crank tube. Anything earlier than this, the measurements are quite odd and the industry haven’t been standardized. Thus, the AMF Roadmaster wears the industry standard for the current bicycle measurements.

Rides Like A Vintage

If you have ridden a modern 2020 bicycle, you cannot compare that to a 70 year old bicycle. But for a 70 year old bike, the Roadmaster Voyager feels comfortable. Except for a few creaking metal sound from the spring of the saddle, it rides smoothly!

The moustache handlebar gives a quite relaxed position for the rider. We changed the grip to a more modern one (yet still retain the retro look) to make the bike easier to handle and steer.

The coaster hub works like a charm so it stops the bike when it needs to. I rode it around Marikina and saw two bikers whom I’ve ridden with in the past. They were all praises to the patina of the bike and they kept asking me how to do the rusted look. I simply told him to leave his steel bike in the rain… and give it some love. Ironic, but that’s how it is.

Not For All

Just like rockin’ vintage watches sporting the patina look, not everyone appreciates this rusty machine. But a true biker sees the deeper beauty in this build. The true joy in having a Roadmaster like this is: you can hang it on the wall as a piece of history and use it when you need to go to the store or buy pan de sal from your friendly neighborhood panaderya.

When a rider sees this patina bike, he not only sees the rust and corrosion, but he sees the soul of the bicycle.

OG Mesinger saddle with springs. wilder than Brooks!
white tires turn me on

*Maraming salamat Master Lee and everyone who helped us with this!

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