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January 4, 2021 Comments (0) Bike Trials

Trail Unlocked! Quest Adventure Camp, Done!

Valleybikes visited the Quest Adventure Camp in Teresa, Rizal to scratch the trail itch and start 2021 right. Situated at Pantay Quatro, Sitio Buhangin, Teresa, Rizal, the venue is roughly 30 kms from our point of origin, which was Quezon City. According to Waze, it was a 54 minute drive up via Marcos Highway. It was a relaxed journey up the mountain and when we reached Boso-boso, there was a small road that you would turn right into, and that led to Quest Adventure Camp.

Jason the Trail Builder

Years of riding Mt. Maarat and Timberland led me to meet Jayson Gabrinao, the local trail builder who maintained and built Maarat’s Greenzone and Blue Zone. He wasn’t the only trail builder of Timberland for God knows there were lots of hands and effort that helped shaped the trails in Timberland, but Jayson was one of the more prominent figures in trail building because he had a small pit stop at the end of Blue zone before. Bikers talked and got to know Jayson so everytime he had a new trail project, we would try it out. Thanks to social media, we found out about the Quest Adventure trail when Jayson posted about the place.

Trail Unlocked! Quest Adventure Camp, Done!
Jayson’s photo while doing the track (stolen from his Facebook account).

Quest Adventure Camp

The area was large and the facilities were great. Team buildings, camping and glamping were welcome in this close-to-nature venue. There were camp sites, bonfire pits, adventure walls, ziplines and a swimming pool to complete the package. Bring family and friends and you can spend the whole weekend enjoying the outdoors and breathing fresh air. \

Trail Unlocked! Quest Adventure Camp, Done!
photo from Jayson’s FB page

The bike trail was built with mountain bikers in mind. There are berms, switchbacks, hairpins, drops and jumps. All the ingredients of a nice single track ride were put together to complete the package.

Trail Unlocked! Quest Adventure Camp, Done!

The jumps had options, and they also had receivers. The trail was manicured to perfection such that the berms were smooth and the climbing switchbacks were achievable. For the first timers, there are some surprise areas wherein you have to summon your inner mountain goat to climb… but once you get the hang of the track, you can maneuver yourself to prepare for the attack.


The venue is easy to go. The road is paved all the way (so sedan cars can easily reach the place) up to the parking area. Fresh air, plenty of plants, lots of trees, and the over-all vibe of the place is positive. If you wanna have a great time with your mountain bike, this is the place to visit.

Trail Unlocked! Quest Adventure Camp, Done!
Jammin’ by the camp fire!

Our first ride around the 4km Alitit trail was a track read so we took our time and enjoyed the new adventure. Our second go was all about taking videos and enjoying the view. For our third run, we timed our selves and did not stop anywhere. It took us 22 minutes (roughly) to go around the whole track. The trail was awesome!


Trail Unlocked! Quest Adventure Camp, Done!
After the ride, you may swim and chill

See you at the trails!

Thank you to Jayson for doing all these trails. Cheers!!

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