Butterfly With Carbon Fiber Wings

Santa Cruz Chameleon CC For The Good Man From Abra

Santa Cruz Chameleon For The Good Man From Abra

November 22, 2020 Comments (0) Bicycles

How To End A Bike Ride

What do you usually do after a bike ride?

I rest.

I also contemplate and thank the universe for such a wonderful ride.

I eat.

I gain back the energy I consumed after pedaling. Get gas for your heart, lungs and legs. Food restores us.

Surly Steamroller ride around UP DIliman
The J Saint

The owner of this Surly is one tough cookie.

The Aerospoke front wheel makes this Surly Steamroller very pleasing to the eye. It is not a fixie, there are front and rear brakes to break all the other fixed set-ups.

49-17 gear for the crank and rear sprocket gives this SS-drop-bar-steel-bike power for the flat land.

Grilled Quarter pounder cheeseburger was ordered from UP Diliman’s Snack Shack. Their tasty burgers go well with hot sauce. Awesome reward/ treat for hungry bikers after a ride!

***music credit to Macky MacaMusic— thanks for the awesome sounds, bro!

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