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April 27, 2021 Comments (0) Blog Posts

Save The Earth: Reduce Pollution Now!

Save The Earth: Reduce Pollution Now!

Everyday is Earth day. I pondered on what can I do for my home planet and this is my little way of contributing to Earth’s life: write this blog so that people can somehow realize that we only have one home. Thus, let us try to save it and make it flourish!

There are so many ways on how to save our planet, stop killing the animals, save our seas, stop deforestation and so on.

Save The Earth: Reduce Pollution Now!

Air Pollution

Yesterday, I was helping my son with his school work and his writing assignment was to write an essay about air pollution. We discussed about air pollution and how he understands it. We went on-line and researched on the topic and I had to curate what to study with him.

This is what he wrote for his essay:

As cyclists, we are greatly affected with the quality of air we breathe when we pedal in the city. We inhale a lot of bad air (meaning there are just too many heavy elements in the air we breathe) when we pedal in the concrete jungle. It is quite different when we pedal in the mountain or in the province/ rural area because there are a lot more plants to give us oxygen. In the city, however, it is advisable to wear a mask to filter out the bad elements in the air.

Save The Earth: Reduce Pollution Now!

As cyclists, how can we reduce air pollution?

  • Take care of plants. You don’t need to plant a tree. (Well, it would be great if you did!) All you need to do is to take care of plants around you. You may put those plants around your yard, inside your house, in the bathroom, in your sleeping room, or wherever. As long as you have healthy plants around you, these would give out oxygen that you need plus, it would lessen air pollution.
  • Quit smoking cigarettes! Burning tobacco does not do you any good. It simply adds to the air pollution.
  • Avoid using cars! If you can walk to your destination, go walk. If you can ride your bicycle so there would be no fossil fuel burned, that is even better! No emission is our mission!
  • Spread some seeds when you go biking. When you eat fruits, try saving the seeds and dry them up under the sun. When you go biking, bring the seeds with you and scatter them in areas where you would like them to grow. Spread the seeds of love (or fruits/veggies)!
  • Influence others to ride! Invite your family and friends to go biking, so that they would reduce their carbon footprint as well.
Save The Earth: Reduce Pollution Now!

Inspired to Change the Earth

Here is an interesting documentary narrated by David Attenborough, “The Year Earth Changed”. The premise is quite interesting. Covid surfaced for a reason. Check it out:

If you get the chance to watch the documentary, please do. The message is clear: Humans can live with other species. We do not have to kill everything. Let us make our planet livable, healthy and happy.

Bike More

Because of the pandemic, public transportation has been frowned upon by the public because people might get Covid using public utility vehicles. People chose alternative means of transportation like cycling. Bike lanes popped up all through out the city to protect the first time cyclists. Props to the Local Government Units for these protected bike lanes.

Save The Earth: Reduce Pollution Now!
guess where is this bike lane?

Aside from bike lanes, private companies should also help cyclists by installing proper bike parking racks to anchor the commuter’s bicycles. We cannot just leave the bikes out not chained, right? Cyclists need an anchor to chain their bikes to.

Save The Earth: Reduce Pollution Now!
Save The Earth: Reduce Pollution Now!
Save The Earth: Reduce Pollution Now!

Let us be Earth friendly and install Bike Parking Racks in our restaurants and establishments. That way, we are encouraging commuters to bike! (If you want to order bike racks, click here: RACK n ROLL)

We can save our planet. In our own little way, we can do it.

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