How a Biker Deals With Covid in the Year 2022

How a Biker Deals With Covid in the Year...

Do A Wheelie, Danny!

Do A Wheelie, Danny!

May 12, 2022 Comments (0) Blog Posts

Rather Bike Than To Be Towed

I went to a building near the Quezon City Hall last week for an appointment and after a few hours, my car was not where I parked it! It got towed!!!

The location is a building in Mayaman street in Quezon City, where Max’s Restaurant is. There were no more parking slots in front of the building so I had to park on the side streets of Mayaman street. After going around the block twice, I finally found a spot, 150 meters from the building. It was in front of an old apartment, and it was not blocking their driveway. I looked for a “NO PARKING” sign but found none. So I thought the car was safe there. I even parked at the back of a truck, so I figured that the space was a lucky spot. I prepared inside the car and left everything inside (bag, wallet, etc) hoping to just be quick with my appointment.

Rather Bike Than To Be Towed
NO “No Parking” sign. This is the DUDEWHERESMYCAR spot.

I went down from the car and surveyed the area, again, looking for any signs or fire hydrant. There were none.

I got inside the building and proceeded to my business there. The appointment stretched until lunch and I stayed in the building for a total of four hours. When I got down, I noticed that the cars parked on the side of the building were now parked parallel to the building instead of perpendicular/ diagonal. That surprised me. When I looked at where my car was supposed to be, it was NOT there.

I searched for any sign or notice. I couldn’t find one. The vendor on the Carinderia (small restaurant) in front of the space approached me and asked if I was the owner of the car. He said that my car got towed. He showed me the paper the towing company left. There was a cellphone number and who to call to get your car back.

“Dude, Where’s My Car?”

That moment, I experienced different kinds of emotion: grateful, mad, happy, pissed, worried, plus a few unexplainable ones.

Grateful: my car did not get stolen. The authorities have it. not the robbers. (OR is it just the same?) Well, at least it’s not lost.

Mad: Why????????????

Happy: I can get my car back.

Pissed: There is no SIGN! I do not deserve to be towed!!! Warn people. Let them move the car. NO need to tow.

Worried: The car might get damaged. Run the rear wheel with the hand brakes on. Oh dear.

What’s done is done. Let us learn and be better after this experience. We now know the consequences and reactions of our environment.


Next time, I shall look for a local around the area and ask permission to park the car there. Always leave someone to guard your vehicle. Of course, we should also remember the rules of the road in your area. It is very important that you know the law. Ignorance is bliss, but if you know the rules, you would know the loopholes around it as well. But take the safer route of not disobeying the rules set by the land.

Do what the Romans do (if you are in Rome). Let us be civilized and follow the road courtesy. Be respectful of the norms and traditions of the locals. ASK! Do not be afraid to communicate and know what is up.

But one learning I take away from this terrible experience is, when you can bike it, ride it! Just be prepared and have a change shirt and freshen up kit. It is always better to ride than be towed.

People from Quezon City, be warned! I believe that is the situation in Pasig and Makati as well. These tow truck companies have a mean reputation of just be merciless and they need to tow cars because they have a minimum quota of cars. It’s sad. Thus, just use a bicycle! It is healthier and much more fun.

Rather Bike Than To Be Towed

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