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August 6, 2020 Comments (0) Adventure, Blog Posts

Rainy Day Tips For Cyclists

In the Philippines, the weather is either sunny or rainy. So if you are not riding under the sun (sometimes overcast), it is night time or it would be rainy. Here are some rainy day tips for cyclists:

Close your mouth. Or better yet, wear a mask or balaklava. This would prevent the wheel splash (water from the ground) to get into your mouth, nose and eyes.

Rainy Day Tips For Cyclists

Don something waterproof. I use a poncho style rain protector. It comes with a hood and it basically protects me from slight rain. I still do get wet, but it saves me from having wet underwear.

Rainy Day Tips For Cyclists

If the rain is too strong, wait it out. Find shelter under a tree, or under a bridge, passageway or flyover. Just be patient and let the strong outpour pass. It will eventually soften and not become too harsh (unless it’s a storm). Tropical rains in the Philippines usually just pass by. When it softens, you can pedal again.

Rainy Day Tips For Cyclists
I think I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree

Heighten caution level. The road is wet, wheels might slip and accidents are more likely to happen. Even if you ride with caution, also be aware of your surroundings. Watch out for potholes, manholes, muddy areas and other obstacles on your way. For mountain bikers, it is such a thrill to bomb the track on a rainy day… the water factor adding to the excitement of the ride. Just be extra careful, my padawan.

be wary of the puddle

Use protective eye wear. This applies to all cyclists, even if you are just bike commuting or riding in the mountain. Be careful of water or debris or mud flying into your eye. My close bike buddy got mud into his eye and that caused him to fall into a freak accident. I use a clear goggles type of shades. Protect your two balls—> eyeballs.

Rainy Day Tips For Cyclists
Rainy Day Tips For Cyclists

Take a hot bath when you arrive home. Clean up and relax after a ride. Heat some water and take your time scrubbing and soaping your body. Remove the chill from your body and slow down. You deserve it.

Now biking in the rain isn’t that bad, right? It gives you a different feeling, it kinda brings you back to your childhood memories of playing in the rain. Now if you loved that, then cycling in the rain wouldn’t be too bad.

Rainy Day Tips For Cyclists
Rainy Day Tips For Cyclists
Thomas Schimidt invented this rainy bike solution which can be clipped on and worn.

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“Ulan!” Di naman kalaban, pero mas OK kung tuyo ang daan.

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