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August 26, 2021 Comments (0) Blog Posts

Poetic Pandemic

Poetic Pandemic

Covid-19 has taken its toll on everyone. This virus caused a Pandemic which affected the lives of almost all people. The lockdown brought about feelings and emotions which were not present before. Being trapped inside the house for such a long period of time triggered stress and other negative feelings. The feeling of freedom was suppressed due to the rules brought about by the government. One cannot simply go out and bike due to the restrictions and protocols mandated by the authorities to contain the spread of the virus.

Poetic Pandemic

So, how do we cope with this Pandemic? Here are some suggestions:

  • Pray/ Meditate– Feed your soul, your faith and have some quiet time. Think about your blessings and be grateful for them. Talk to God. Ask for blessings. Quiet your heart and mind. Listen to that inner voice and smile.
Poetic Pandemic
  • Exercise– Stretch and do some work out. Research on the most appropriate cardio for your body and follow it religiously. Look for videos and other helpful materials so that your body breaks a sweat. Pump your heart and do cardio. Exercise makes you happy and healthy.
  • Maximize your Creativity– There are countless ways of releasing those creative juices. You can draw, paint, rap, write, sketch, play an instrument, create, shape, shoot, edit… the list goes on. You can do all these cool stuff while being stuck in your home. Whatever the topic of your output may be… just get it out there. Its the digital world, share it through social media!
Edited this during lockdown
  • Improve your diet– Eat better and healthier. Balance out the stuff that you gobble up. Don’t excess your intake of products.
Poetic Pandemic
  • Sleep deeply– Rest your body, relax your mind, and replenish your soul. Sleep is one of the best anti-aging solutions. Get enough sleep, but do not over-sleep.

  • Start a Hobby– May it be taking care of fishes, planting cactus or restoring old bicycles, keep your mind busy and pre occupied. Hobbies make you happy.


Why am I writing this article? To keep me busy and to keep me sane. You may believe all these, or you may not. What’s important is: don’t let the virus win. Keep yourself mentally and physically healthy.

Go ride that bike. I am sure that will definitely make you smile and keep your heart joyful.

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