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Day of the Biker- 4th Araw ng Siklista

November 2, 2013 Comments (0) Adventure, Bike Trials, Blog Posts

Mark the Date– November 24, 2013

There are two big bike events on November 24, 2013 for the biking community here in Manila, Philippines. Firefly Brigade shall hold its annual critical mass ride entitled: Let’s Just Ride Together. It is their yearly bike parade that is joined by thousands of bikers from all over the region. All kinds of bikers come together for a slow ride showcasing their bicycles and creating traffic around Metro Manila. Since it is a Sunday morning, the vehicle traffic is not so bad, but pardon to the people who get held up by the bikers in different outfits. It is a fun ride specifically targeted for the newbie riders who have to brave the sun plus endure the 50 plus kilometers of concrete around the city. It is a unique experience for you get to see lots of friends, acquaintances, and other interesting stuff.
Fun factor: This is one of the few rare moments that you get to bike the main thorough ways of Metro Manila with no fuss. Savor that wonderful moment when the cars stop for you.
You get to see the rarest bikes, and the most odd rides in the Tour of the Fireflies.
The other bike event is the Giant XC cup2. This will be in La Mesa Forest Reserve. The first Giant XC cup was quite a success, so I am quite puzzled why they immediately set up a next one right away. It hasn’t been a year yet, why rush it? Anyway, lots of excited racers are training for it. Simply because it is one of the few rare races held in the Forest reserve. The more people track read, the better the trail fees. Ka-ching!
Competitive MT Bike riders are all geared up for the XC cup 2. They’ve been rearing to go at it once again.
Quick facts about the race:
Event Venue: La Mesa Forest Reserve, Quezon City
Race Distance: 60km
Race Categories: (Cut-off time: 7 Hours)
– Male: 16~19 yrs, 20~29, 30~39, 40~49, 50 & above
No female category
– Male: 16~19 yrs, 20~29, 30~39, 40~49, 50 & above
– Female: 16~19 yrs, 20~29, 30~39, 40 & above
Awards and Prizes:
Medals and Cash prizes will be awarded to the Overall Top Three in Male and Female Categories on the 100km and 50km distances
Medals and prizes will be awarded to the top three in each age group.
Registration is P1,500Php
Participants may also pay through:
– BPI (Anna Marissa Remigio, S/A No. 0429-3165-61), or
– PNB (Anna Marissa Nagtalon, S/A No. 1002-8030-0012).
Then, Email or Fax entry form and deposit slip (clear &/or enlarged copy) with name to Fax #: 932-9071
Good luck to all my friends competing. Shalom!
mimil 1st place
BOTTOM LINE: Whether you are a competitive-race-kind-of-rider or an chill-no-fuss-take-it-easy-rider, all the same, you must go out and ride on November 24, 2013
Where will you be?

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