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Nice Ride (The Mt. Maarat Therapy)

July 17, 2015 Comments (0) Blog Posts

Live Life With Balance

live life with balance OK
The Valleybikes mantra has been with us since day one: LIVE LIFE WITH BALANCE.
We present the evolution of Valleybikes.net. Thanks to our friends and supporters who have always been there, may the Force be with you always.
Valleybikes shall bring you balanced news and views.
Awesome pictures and excellent videos, keep ’em coming!
We are partnering with diverse tribal leaders in order to be the premium digital bike space in the world wide web.
Here’s to a whole new world, cheers!
The Future:
Nobody knows what the future holds. In a blink of an eye, you may have a totally different life you used to live. Maximize and enjoy every second of it. LIVE LIFE. Worry not for the future… but it is better to be prepared. Every second we live is the past’s future. We only used to dream about it, yet before we know it, we are living the dream.
The Dream:
Since we make fine rides, the end goal dream of Valleybikes is to have a decent bicycle in every household. Let’s just say we are future ready. Who knows what technology can bring to our trusty two wheeled machine? There may be inventions, innovations, revisions and what-have-you, but a bicycle is a bicycle. Old school or new school, as long as it can run using the energy of the user, it is a big CHECK.

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