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Bike Essentials For Summer

What do you get if you breed a mountain bike with a commuter bike? You get a Full Rigid City Cruiser Love bike.

Full Rigid City Bike Love

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How, What And Why Of The Tern Link A7

How, What And Why Of The Tern Link A7

What is the Tern Link A7?

Tern Link A7 is a 20 inch folding bike with 7 gears. It is a commuter bike which can transport you to places faster (than walking/ running) and then fold to be compact and handy. This is the perfect tool for city dwellers because it can be hidden and you don’t need to worry about parking space.

The cockpit is fully adjustable and it can easily be manipulated according to the rider’s preference. The seat post and handle post can be higher or lower, depending on the height of the user. It uses vee brakes to stop.

How, What And Why Of The Tern Link A7

The website, ternbicycles.com tells us that this variant comes in four colors. If you wanna know more about Tern, click on the link from the previous sentence.

How, What And Why Of The Tern Link A7

How Do You Fold The Tern Link A7?

In less than 10 steps, you can fold and unfold the Tern Link A7. You just have to remember to switch the safety locks for the frame lever and handle post lever.

How, What And Why Of The Tern Link A7

It is quite easy, just watch the YouTube link:

  1. Fold the pedals (so they won’t get in the way)
  2. Turn the safety lever for the frame. (to be able to unlock)
  3. Unlock the main lever of the frame.
  4. Turn the safety lever for the handle post lever.
  5. Unlock the handle post lever and fold the handlebar down.
  6. Fold the whole bike.
  7. Remove all obstructions that would hinder the proper fold.
  8. Click the magnet and steel plate together to secure the fold of the bike.
How, What And Why Of The Tern Link A7
handle post lever

How often can you ride it? As often as you want!

How can you stop yourself from upgrading it? We don’t know. Just learn how to be contented with your folding bike and not look at online bike shops. Also, due to the fact that the parts of the bike are made of good quality, they shall last for a while. Due to wear and tear, the parts will eventually break, and that is the time you can upgrade and make it lighter or better.

How, What And Why Of The Tern Link A7
even the angle of the handlebar is adjustable and movable

How can you not bring this on your next trip? Don’t get too attached to the folding bike. Else, you might miss it on your next out of town/ out of the country travel.

How, What And Why Of The Tern Link A7
magnet: law of attraction
How, What And Why Of The Tern Link A7
it’s so compact!

Why Choose a Folding Bike?

There are plenty of folding bicycles out there, but none as versatile and useful as the Tern Link A7.

Years ago, my sister used to have a generic, no brand, folding bike and it was a nightmare. It rocked the 20″ tires plus it had a rear suspension to give that plush soft tail ride. BUT! Because of the rear coil suspension, the bike was so heavy to be folded and carried around. Yes, it became compact when stowing away, but it was really heavy to carry around while commuting.

How, What And Why Of The Tern Link A7

A few months ago, our neighbor asked help to inflate her Dahon 16inch folding bike. I saw the quality and craftsmanship of the modern branded folding bike. I was quite impressed with the sturdy and tough make, despite being cute and miniscule. I tried it and was surprised how adjustable the whole cockpit was. The bike was very nimble.

Then I tried out this Tern. I am still not a fan, but I have this certain respect for folding bikes now. Everything that you’d want in a modern bicycle is present in this adjustable ride. Good brakes, alloy parts, 7-speed drive train, rain fenders, awesome tires, solid levers and safety locks make this bike durable and strong.

How, What And Why Of The Tern Link A7

3 Reasons Why should You Choose a folding bike:

  1. It has all the comforts of a modern bicycle, PLUS it folds. So what if it folds? If you can fold your bike, then it would be more compact. Thus parking is not a problem, you can just bring it up to your office, or inside the classroom or whatever. It takes up less space than the usual bike. (still not convinced? Imagine your car can fold, so you don’t have to wait for a parking space in the mall. Wouldn’t that be awesome?)
  2. [Easy to Store/ Easy to Bring] E.Z. to carry. You may bring it anywhere you desire. Ride the train then go down on your stop, then pedal from there. That is the wise bike commuter. Or maybe you can travel to another country and bring the folding bike with you so you can explore the side streets easily using your folding bike.
  3. The rider on a folding bike has a comfortable stance. This is called modern mobility. I mentioned already that cockpits are fully adjustable so the position while riding can be tweaked as well. You can be creative with the handlebar, but the general feel of the bike is comfortable.
How, What And Why Of The Tern Link A7

There! Now it’s your Tern to ride! Always ride safe and use your helmet!

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