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Rather Bike Than To Be Towed

Rather Bike Than To Be Towed

February 7, 2022 Comments (0) Blog Posts

How a Biker Deals With Covid in the Year 2022

Two years after declaring a pandemic due to the SARS-Corona Virus 2019 or Covid-19 for short, things have changed significantly here in the Philippines. After almost two years (lock down/ stay at home started March 2020), with the vaccines available already, it is now different when one catches the virus compared to two years ago. Back then, everybody was afraid of the effects of the virus for the news delivered death and suffering on those infected. Stories of difficulty in breathing, intubation and intensive care unit were the ones that kept people anxious and fearful of the dreaded disease.

Then, the Delta variant happened. Aggressive vaccination was put into full swing and people wanted to be inoculated immediately (not all, though). For a short period of time, new Covid-19 cases dropped to a few hundreds and alert level for some areas was eased down to Alert Level 2.

Holiday season 2021 resulted to partying and travel for a number of folks. Families got together for the first time in almost two years! Boom! Omicron variant of the virus crept to unwanted hosts and almost 30,000 new people were sick (as reported) everyday. A conservative number, for others did not bother to get tested for they thought their colds, runny nose and sore throat were simply “just that”.

The Omicron variant of the virus was fast in spreading, but due to the vaccinated individuals who got it, the effects were not too harsh. Colds, clogged nose, bad sore throat and cough were the usual complaints for this variant. Fever was not really an issue and no taste and no smell did not show up in this variation (maybe because the vaccine was fighting off the symptoms).

How a Biker Deals With Covid in the Year 2022

The Virus That Caught The Rider

The Covid variant called Omicron is really fast acting, sticking to the host, infecting him/her, but with proper care and medication, can easily be battled. The virus infected a biker and here are his thoughts on how to deal with the Covid Omicron while in ISOLATION:

Things To Do In Isolation:

Meditate and Pray– What else can you do in your quiet time than to be in touch with your inner self and spirituality?

Clean the Room– Sweep, wipe, mop, dust off the room and make it really neat. Scrub all the dirt and organize the stuff around you.

Learn a New Skill– Play ukulele or guitar, learn a song, study a new opening for a chess game, twirl your pen, whistle, do whatever fancies you. Do a handstand, just don’t waste your time, improve yourself!

Ponder About Your Life– Plan for the future. Plan your short term goals and long term goals. Write them down and just attract them in your life.

Read A Book– Learn history, read a novel, study about a great person. Try learning from grade school and high school text books. The good news is: there will be no exams, just expand your knowledge.

Take Photos And Make Them Look Artistic– Beauty is in the Eye of the beholder. It can be about anything. Just make them look awesome.

Research On A Topic and Geek About It– Imagine having a research/ theses paper and this time, give it your best shot. Grade yourself after isolation.

Connect With People You Miss. Drop a line and say hi. Ask them how they are and honestly tell them that you miss them. Give love/ care and get that in return.

Try To Be Healthy– Stretch your body, do yoga animal poses, watch Youtube Fitness videos and try to get fit. Break a sweat. Get your wellness in line, plus the endorphins would help a lot.

How To Deal With The Virus

Consult your doctor on what to do, what medicines to drink and how to take care of your self. There are a lot of studies that prove that gargling warm water with salt greatly heals the cold, sore throat caused by Covid. The virus cannot thrive in a warm environment so inhaling steam (hot water in a dipper) helped this biker breath easy. Just put hot water in a dipper, cover your head with a towel and inhale deeply for 4 seconds. Then exhale into the steam then repeat. In the Philippines, they call this process SUOB.

Gargle with Salt PLUS Suob — it is old school but it works! This is one traditional Filipino remedy for coughs and colds. It helps a lot, especially if you cannot breath due to the clogged nose caused by the virus. You won’t lose anything if you do it. You have everything to gain.

When the virus hits, do not panic. Remember that you are much stronger than any virus and just do these tips so that you can go back to riding your bike in no time! God Bless!

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