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October 10, 2020 Comments (0) Adventure, Blog Posts

Hemlet- To Be Or Not to be/ Must Wear a Helmet in QC

Shakespeare’s famous Hamlet threw the soliloquy on life and death in the famous, “To be or not to be… that is the question…”

Scholars have interpreted the lines, but for a biker, the title is quite clear: HELMET— To be or not to be.

Wear a helmet, live. Don’t wear a helmet, (may) not live.

QC Ordinance: Must wear a helmet when riding in the city

It is signed as a city ordinance that bikers in Quezon City shall be fined if caught not wearing a helmet. This law was passed by the city council and then the city officials gave away helmets to the senior citizens and underprivileged travelers. The city gave away FREE helmets! Props to the local government but we sure hope that those free helmets went to the truly deserving ones.

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Good News No.1They gave away helmets for free. No reason for others to say that they have no money to buy a helmet.

Good News No. 2— From the original 1,000 Php, 3,000 Php and 5,000 Php (first, second, third offense) fine if caught not wearing a helmet, Mayor Joy lowered the fines to 300Php, 500Php and 1,000Php respectively.

We promote safety and we encourage everyone to wear protective gear. So please… we don’t care if you are from Quezon City or not, but always wear your helmet when you ride! If you love yourself and care about your family and friends, protect your head! You only have one. You might bump it and it might be fatal. Don’t risk it!

even if you are just riding inside your village, wear your helmet!

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