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Great Online Shopping Find: Rockbros Rear Light (Wisdom Eye Q3)

Great Online Shopping Find: Rockbros Rear Light (Wisdom Eye Q3)

It is very difficult to shop online. But due to the pandemic, people have learned how to adapt, and adjust to the norms of digital shopping for the things we need without touching or feeling the actual item. The difficulties of buying online products and items are the following:

  1. We do not know the actual size and shape. The dimensions and actual numbers of the product are sometimes included in the description, but relative to your actual hand, body or bike, we just have to guess if it actually fits unless we see the actual product.
  2. We cannot check the quality. The product might be flimsy and the materials used might be too brittle or it might break easily.
  3. There might be a factory defect. 1 out of 10,000 chance that the product might be defective or does not work. Imagine, you waited for days for this to be delivered, then when it comes, the motor/ mechanical side does not function… that is bad luck.

Yet all three items mentioned can be justified when you learn that the item is so much cheaper than buying it in an actual store. The reasons go way much deeper why these online stores can sell it for such a low price (no retail space for the store, no sales person to pay, no marketing cost, no storage cost, etc.)…

Great Online Shopping Find: Rockbros Rear Light (Wisdom Eye Q3)
Recharge Gomez (Joke by my friend, Balot)

So we leave it up to you if you support these online shopping apps, but here is the lowdown on the bike light I bought online. Check out the review for the Rockbros Wisdom Eye Q3.

What Makes The Rockbros Wisdom Eye Q3 special?

ROCKBROS Bike Tail Light Rechargeable Waterproof LED Rear Light Auto-sensing Smart Brake Back Light Cycling Accessories are the keywords you have to type on your shopping app to specifically order the item I am reviewing.

Great Online Shopping Find: Rockbros Rear Light (Wisdom Eye Q3)

Midrange Price

It is P436, much more expensive than the other rear lights in the market. Some rear lights go for as low as 100 Php and range until 200 Php. How can they sell it for so cheap? The quality of the product is not dependable and the battery lasts only for a few hours or a few uses. If you are a regular bike commuter, you give value to the fact that you must be seen by motorists, therefore, your rear bike light must be powerful enough to be noticed by the incoming drivers. There are other rear bike lights which can be bought for 1,000- 2,000 php, depending on the marketing and which bike shop sells them. But in my humble opinion, the quality of that is comparable to this mid range rear bike light by Rockbros.

Battery Life

Since I got the rear bike light, I used it for night rides around the village and one long night ride going to Chinatown and I haven’t charged it since. So from the factory, the energy it has on the battery is still holding up. That is not bad. Not bad at all.

Great Online Shopping Find: Rockbros Rear Light (Wisdom Eye Q3)

Did I mention that it is rechargeable via standard USB charger? It uses an android plug, so it is relatively easy to charge.

There is a blue light around the power button if the battery is good. Once it is low batt, it warns you by emitting red light around the power button. Smart!

Features: Braking Technology

What’s unique about this Rockbros rear bike light is the fact that when you suddenly brake or stop, the light brightens up like a brake light. It seems as though the light is connected to your brakes, but it actually senses the motion that you make and it suddenly brightens up, much more like the brake lights of a car or a motorcycle. The kids were so amazed with this technology, that they also want the motion sensor in their rear bike light. Too bad, I ordered the 150 php rear bike light for their bicycle so there is no motion sensors in their rear light.

Great Online Shopping Find: Rockbros Rear Light (Wisdom Eye Q3)

Mounting for Seatpost and Saddle

You may mount the brake light on your saddle. You may mount it on your seat post as well. It is your choice. Life is full of choices, and Rockbros gives you options when you buy this model. If you have a saddle bag, you can use the seatpost mount. If your seat post is aerodynamic in design, you can put it on the saddle. Any which way, it still looks cool.

Great Online Shopping Find: Rockbros Rear Light (Wisdom Eye Q3)
The seat post mount is the one on the left. The one on the right is the saddle mount.
Great Online Shopping Find: Rockbros Rear Light (Wisdom Eye Q3)
Great Online Shopping Find: Rockbros Rear Light (Wisdom Eye Q3)

Water Proof Case

The body of the light is made of Aviation Aluminum (according to the manual) so it protects the inside from rain and other elements when used roughly. It does not break easily ( I assume) because it is sturdy yet light enough so as not to add too much weight in your ride.

Great Online Shopping Find: Rockbros Rear Light (Wisdom Eye Q3)


Dimensions: 40mm x 34mm x 34mm

Material: Aluminum Weight: 33 grams (with bracket)

Battery: 3.7V 300mAh rechargeable Polymer Lithium Battery

Why is this rear brake light so good?

It meets the standard specifications of a quality product for a bicycle rear light that is not too expensive. Remember, companies sometimes charge high due to the fact that research and development, marketing cost and shop space are all carried over to the price of retail. But if a product is so good, recommendations and word of mouth will spread and pretty soon, people will buy it.

This rear brake light has exceeded the minimum expectation and it is very helpful and practical. It is for the safety of the rider, and it looks good aesthetically as well. I give this product 9.5 stars out of 10.

Importance Of A Bicycle Light

It is so much safer if you ride with a bike light than with no bike light. The chances of meeting an accident greatly reduces when a driver sees a bike rider with light than a rider with just reflectors. It makes sense to ride with lights, your momma would be proud of you for giving value to your life.

Great Online Shopping Find: Rockbros Rear Light (Wisdom Eye Q3)


I have never been a bike light fan. I rarely ride at night because I do not have a decent rear bike light. Now that I have this rear bike light (with smart braking technology), I enjoy riding at night nowadays (or should I say, nowanights?) I look forward coasting through the night, feeling safe and assured with my new high tech toy strapped on my bike. Technology has indeed come a long way, from reflectors to brake lights, the future is indeed NOW.

Great Online Shopping Find: Rockbros Rear Light (Wisdom Eye Q3)

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