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September 23, 2020 Comments (0) Adventure, Bike Trials, Blog Posts

From Lake to River–> Ride Around Metro Manila

Riding solo is not as fun as riding with a group. But in the year 2020, when the Covid19 is still feared as a killer virus, bikers work around the situation and wear masks during rides OR ride solo. I choose to ride solo because when riding with a group, the tendency is that when we have rest stops, we eat (remove our masks) and socialize with our bike mates. We laugh, we joke around, we talk about bikes, and we drink. How can we practice social distancing among friends? Thus, might as well enjoy the ride and choose SOLO.

From Lake to River--> Ride Around Metro Manila

The previous weekend, I climbed Shotgun and went DH at Patiis. I wanted to do that again, but decided on visiting the C6 in Taguig. I saw somewhere this nice restaurant by the lake called Lake Shore Hall/ Mercado del Lago. I put the name in Google maps and followed the best route last Sunday morning. It was quite a pedal from my home in Quezon City, but I arrived at the venue after one hour. I passed C5 road and turned left at Bayani road. I followed the map and arrived at the restaurant. Too bad, the resto was closed and I couldn’t take pictures nor go inside.

From Lake to River--> Ride Around Metro Manila

I rode the publicized C6 road with bike lane. It was a scenic ride by the lake. You can stop anywhere and take pictures of the lake. I picked my spot and rested under a shade. I wished that the bike lane had more trees so the riders can have a more pleasant ride. The lake supplied the fresh air from the water, but trees always make a difference.

From Lake to River--> Ride Around Metro Manila

I followed the road until I reached a spot where I can go back to Ortigas Avenue and turned there. I didn’t want to continue riding until Angono because I might pedal too far and lose my way back home. So when familiar roads showed up, I followed the sight of the tall buildings and made my way back.

The Route

From Lake to River--> Ride Around Metro Manila

I made my way to C5, and turned right going to Marikina River park. I ordered a Jollibee Yumburger meal (via Drive thru) and parked my bike by the river and ate my burger. It was very peaceful and serene in the Marikina River park. There is a jogging lane which is used by bikers and runners. People wore masks and they nodded and said hi if you nod at them. There are lots of trees and plants along the river, so oxygen is not a problem along the river.

From Lake to River--> Ride Around Metro Manila

Ride this Way

The route I took was fun and easy, for solo riders. It is an enjoyable way to spend your ride time. Hats off to the officials of Taguig, Pasig and Marikina for making bike lanes in their city possible. We pray that more environmentally friendly projects are on the way. May the Force be with you!

From Lake to River--> Ride Around Metro Manila
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lake to river— bodies of WATER

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