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February 24, 2009 Comments (2) Blog Posts, Uncategorized

freedom in biking

The first time I had a real bike was in high school as my folks gave me a Dyno BMX. It gave me the excuse to go out during boring afternoons. I had my limitations not to bike in the major roads but I reached far off places. I upgraded my bike and was a constant rat in numerous bike shops. I saved my allowance so I can buy bike parts that would make my bike look good and perform better. I bought BMX plus and tried to do the tricks they featured there.
I even tried to go to school on a bike with my friend riding at the peg of my bike, but that wasn’t too nice because the field trip bus almost left us. A lot of good memories were embedded on my bike until I finally sold the bike to my next door neighbor. I thirsted for a bike during my college years, wishing I had a bike to get around with inside the campus.
And then it came. One december25 gift, which opened again the flood way and chance for me to wander and go around the mountains. Now, the only thing original from my first ever mountain bike is the frame. The upgrades were memorable too but the joy and experience I got from the bike were priceless.
Biking gives me the feeling of being a kid again, enjoying the scenery and at the same time developing my body, thanks to the exercise.
Where’s the freedom in biking?

2 Responses to freedom in biking

  1. Danny Andag says:

    Makes me remember my old bikes through the years.
    1) mongoose BMX,
    2) my cartimar chopsuey BMX with rotor and huge step knots (I did tried to do a few stunts back then)
    3) my neon green mountain bike (Small Frame for kids)
    4) aluminum no brand mountain bike with stiff fork (the frame is still in our garage)
    5) Kona Kikapu.

    The most mileage is on the Kikapu BTW. I just used the bike for errands and going around our neighborhood when I was younger. Now I’m a die hard MTB’er:)

  2. parang laruan na pwedeng laruin lagi ang bike noh? saya saya

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