Rather Bike Than To Be Towed

Rather Bike Than To Be Towed

“Where Do We Go?” The Rider’s Perennial Question

May 12, 2022 Comments (0) Blog Posts

Do A Wheelie, Danny!

Can you pop a wheelie?

The secret of easily popping a wheelie is that your gear must be low, so that your front end would be “lighter”. High rise bars are also much easier to use when doing the wheelie mainly due to the position of the rider on the bike.

How long can you hold your wheelie?

The length and amount of time on holding on to your balance when the front wheel is up, depends solely on your practice time. How long did you master that perfect balance? It is relative for each person. Others just find that sweet spot, and hold on to it as long as they can. Others still play around and do activities which look good while doing a wheelie.

Danny and The Gang Shows Us How

Danny Macaskill rounded up the most notable wheelie artists and got them all together in this awesome video. It is one of the most fun videos without any story that lasts up to 5 minutes that is worth watching (if you are a biker).

Hans “No Way” Rey makes an appearance in this video. He is a mountain bike icon and is popular for being extremely good in doing bike tricks. He lives in Laguna Beach in California.

Wheelie Gang

There are lots of groups around the world where they just hang out, ride bikes and do wheelies. This is homage to all of them. Enjoy!

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