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February 9, 2021 Comments (0) Blog Posts

Coffee Ride For Beans

We went out to get coffee beans from Naranghita street in Project 2, Quezon city from Kerwin. Marv invited Ruben for some bike action around Diliman.

After the “exchange”, we pedaled to UP via Maginhawa street. Turning right to CP Garcia, Marv got a flat in the rear wheel.

That took precious minutes from our ride time. Marv wanted to get home by sunset. So we just had fun around the campus.

Bikes and Coffee Outside

I was invited in a Facebook group which calls for bikes and coffee outside. Due to the pandemic, hanging out in coffee shops was suddenly not Covid-19 recommended. So a lot of bikers who love coffee simply brewed their own coffee and brought their wares to scenic spots.

I haven’t joined them for I don’t drink coffee, but I would like to ride with them and I would drink my tea with these bikers.

My wife is a big coffee fan and she was educating me on the hardware for grinding, filtering and brewing these wonderful beans. I wish I can join in some of these coffee rides soon.

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