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How a Biker Deals With Covid in the Year 2022

How a Biker Deals With Covid in the Year...

November 18, 2021 Comments (0) Blog Posts

Bridges Are Warp Zones

Bridges connect and make travelling easier. It crosses over bodies of water to ease transportation from one point to another. In the case of the Kalayaan bridge in Taguig going to Kapitolyo Pasig, the bridge flies over the Pasig river and instantly transports you to another city/municipality.

Bridges Are Warp Zones

Cycling from Pasig to Bonifacio Global City (BGC) was challenging before the bridge was open for you have to pass either Edsa or C-5. With the opening of the new Kalayaan bridge, BGC welcomes all kinds of cyclists into the wonderful new age growing business district.

Bridges Are Warp Zones

If you are not familiar with Kapitolyo, Pasig, just head on over to Mcdonald’s Pioneer and follow the downhill road, it will lead you to the bridge and flyover going to Bonifacio Global City (BGC). In a matter of 5-7 minutes, you shall reach BGC— the land where there are no exposed wires and cables on street posts. Honestly, this is what the new development improved on from the other townships in the metro. Having no cable, electricity and communication lines, the general feel of the area is clean and clutter free. The architecture of the buildings and structures pop out and the landscape of the surroundings are highlighted. The feeling is as if you are not in the Philippines.

Bridges Are Warp Zones

Bridges Connect Cities

I enjoy passing this bridge for it cuts a lot of distance. It saves you from passing through EDSA or C5. Fellow bikers even stop in the middle of the bridge to take a breather and relax by Pasig River.

Bridges Are Warp Zones

I just had a thought, wouldn’t it be cool if they put up plant boxes by the river, so there would be trees and plants along the bridge?

Bridges Are Warp Zones

Bridges Should Be Bike Friendly

There are stories and myths that Trolls live under a bridge. In the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff, the troll gets irritated when the Billy goats came trampling over the bridge. Bridges not only connect cities nowadays but they give shelter to the homeless, so watch out for them trolls under the bridge. In the song of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Under The Bridge, they talk about how people sell and shoot drugs under the bridge. Yes, there are a lot of stories about bridges and the like, but in a nutshell, BRIDGES help us a lot. It connects, makes life easy and most importantly, brings us closer together.

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