Anti Polo – National Heroes’ Day Ride 2021

April 18, 2022 Comments (0) Adventure

Black Sabbath Ride Collection

The annual Black Sabbath Epic Ride started out as a fun ride of biker friends stuck in Manila. We wanted to ride on a Black Saturday, (the day Jesus is dead) and we just wasn’t sure where to go. We agreed to just meet up and ride wherever, as long as it was fun and epic!

The first ever Black Sabbath rides had no video proof, but there were pictures. We ended up climbing up to Boso boso (bike all the way), up to Brgy. Casili and had a long downhill until Wawa river (or the river that led us to Wawa dam).

We stopped when we were tired, we ate when we were hungry, and we took a picnic when the spot was gorgeous. Isn’t that the general rule of mountain biking? F. U. N.

So, we tried to do it every Black Saturday thereafter.

Here is a collection of the Black Sabbath rides with video. Thank you to all those who rode with us and had fun. Cheers!

This ride was a repetition of the original Black Sabbath Wawa river ride. Lots of river crossings, plus loads of HAPPINESS.

The 2017 video is just a short river crossing clip going to Laiban dam.

The Covid-19 pandemic halted the Black Sabbath epic ride for 2020, 2021 and 2022. We are hoping that the tradition continues next year, 2023.

Credit to Kani and Marvin for the 2009 Black Sabbath pictures.

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