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Biking Around UP Diliman (School for Cycling)

There is no formal school for cycling in UP Diliman (yet!) but it is the most conducive area to learn and actually enjoy biking.

Biking Around UP Diliman (School for Cycling)
Washington Sycip Garden of Native Trees

Biking around UP Diliman is always a treat for me. There’s a lot of open space. So many ancient trees, plus the vibe is always friendly and positive. People who go walking or running there are always ready to smile back at you when you throw them a happy greeting. Thus riding around the campus gives you a welcome happy feeling.

Biking Around UP Diliman (School for Cycling)

During the pandemic, the administration of UP Diliman discouraged, nay prohibited doing exercises around the campus grounds. Our family who loves going on picnics inside UP, was quite sad. But when the lockdown eased up, they permitted cars inside the campus and we just parked in our favorite spot and lounged around. They were strict at first, but they eventually permitted families to stroll around the campus. We threw frisbees, played tag, and just enjoyed the open air. UP Diliman is such a haven for nature lovers.

School of Biking

For first time bikers, UP is the go to place for practicing the balance, learning how to shift your gears, braking and all those stuff you have to learn before you go out to the “wild Manila traffic”. It is no joke cycling in the streets of Manila nowadays (especially during rush hour). Aside from the jeeps, buses and cars, you have to worry about the motorcycles that zip thru traffic as if they were bicycles. And also, you have to watch out for pedestrians who are crossing the road as well. So if you want to get used to with your bicycle first, UP is the school for cycling.

Simulating the uphills and downhills of Metro Manila, you can shift your gears and get to know the gradient and what gear you should be comfortably on. Need to practice those Antipolo ascends and descends? Bike around the houses near the UP Hotel and get steep streets (Juan Luna and Balagtas st.) to practice on.

Crossing the street with running cars? Use your hand signals and motorists will understand where you are headed and where do you want to go. Bike with your student and show them how to deal with cars and be brave enough to ride alongside vehicles. What is important, they should know how to stop immediately and go to the side of the road. UP motorists respect bikers inside the campus so you are basically safe.

Biking Around UP Diliman (School for Cycling)
learn how to lock your bike properly

There are lots of things to learn on biking. One segment should be about Proper Bicycle Parking. One must loop the bike lock within the frame… make sure the thief has a hard time breaking the lock.

Understanding the Bicycle

A lot of folks just ride their bike. They do not even know the parts of a bicycle, or what is it called. Here is a photo of the need to know names of parts.

Biking Around UP Diliman (School for Cycling)
photo credit: https://www.ganshoren.be/

It’s always good to know the name of the parts of the bicycle so that when it breaks down, you would know the name of the part and ask people about it, so you can repair or buy replacement parts for your bike.

Going Around The Campus Now

The Academic oval is off limits for cyclists now. It is strictly for runners and walkers so as to avoid accidents and collisions. For cyclists, there is a bigger loop, which extends over the bigger academic oval.

Biking Around UP Diliman (School for Cycling)

The orange path is the bike route that we took around the campus. It is 5.12 kilometers long with an elevation of 26m (according to Strava). It is easy cycling for some, it may be a tough one for others, but it is a good distance to make you hungry and eat.

The Shopping Center got burned down so the original Rodic’s went up in flames with it. Good thing the Epsilon Chi Center beside the Bahay ng Alumni opened up and housed the new Rodic’s. Beside it is another UP gem, the Snack Shack. They offer the best grilled hamburger this side of the campus. Just thinking about the juicy burger makes me hungry. There is also a 711 within the area so all our needs are answered.

Biking Around UP Diliman (School for Cycling)
Biking Around UP Diliman (School for Cycling)

Just like any student who graduates from their school, it is always nice to visit the place where you studied and learned about life. Thus, seasoned cyclists always visit UP Diliman for their own reasons and sentiments. It is like going back home… ‘coz it is where your heart is.

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