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Biker Tips for Covid-2022

It’s been two years since this COVID became popular worldwide.

2020 is a unique time for world history because it marks a beginning of an era of covid/ pandemic/ turn-the-digital-age-ON-now.

Health instantly became an issue which affected the whole world, which led to the instant change of how we live our lifestyle. Masks became a “thing” (necessity, wardrobe, part of life, artistic expression, piece of clothing) plus the digital age turned on; instantly. Everyone learned quickly about virtual meetings, online payments, e-signatures, all linked to the internet evolution.

So after living for two years with this virus, what have we learned? A lot. When extraordinary things happen in front of you, you must be reactive and choose your next steps well. Be prepared and fearlessly face the challenge with a clear mind, steady hand and winning heart. Do things righteously and with LOVE.

Biker Tips for Covid-2022


Quarantined in a room? Bored in isolation? Some standards this 2022:

Biker Tips for Covid-2022
crispy pata for the win

Avoid Eating With People

Eating means no mask. Dining with friends mean having fun, talking and laughing (exchange of saliva microscopically). So if you don’t want that, avoid eating with people. You may socialize and have fun with friends either via Zoom, video call or social distancing (with masks on). But definitely no food. IF you must eat, pick your spot away from people and eat alone. Don’t risk getting infected.

Biker Tips for Covid-2022

Follow The Rules

Isolate when you have to. Wear a mask! It’s for the good of all. Do not illicit negative feelings from others when you are disobeying the rules and norms. Be logical and think about the rules set about for Covid. Even if you don’t agree with the rules sometimes, just do not negate the authorities so that you don’t add to the negativity.

Biker Tips for Covid-2022
get a good comfortable mask: Air Queen!

Play along with the given mandates and policies. If the local government does not allow cycling or going out, please obey. Just go with the guidelines and be a responsible citizen.

Biker Tips for Covid-2022
bike around the village or farm

Stretch That Body

As cyclists, we mainly use our legs when biking. But remember that everything comes from our core. So it is important, even if you are inside the house, to stretch and keep the muscles alive. Full body stretch and do a lot of leg stretches. Here are sample videos that are easy to follow:

Research What You Want

No pedal time? Research on what you want to improve on. Imagine what your goals are and get closer to it. Ask google and find out about your dream bike. Look at the colors available and find out more about that topic you were interested in.

Bottom Line: You have a lot of time on your hands, might as well develop your brain and intellect about something you are passionate about. Have you been dreaming of that Epic Batanes Ride? Research on the rates of flying there. How often are the flights and boat trips going to that serene island? What bike will you bring? What will you pack? Are your bags enough? So much time is laid out to you. You just have to choose your activities wisely on how you will spend your time on them. Develop your mind and inch closer to your goal.

Study about anything. Even if its not bike related, it WILL help your life. Trust me. Try this: How to Manifest What You Want. By Jim Carrey.

Adapt In The Game Called: Survival

Observe, Adjust and practice. Hone the new skills, the new apps, software, hardware and do not neglect change. There will be something new everyday. New laptop, cellphone, gadget, Ipad, earphone, camera, drone and other forms of tech. These new toys will soon make their way into our bikes and we should enjoy the shift.

Be logical about riding the wave of tech. Too early and there will be adjustments and beta stages are always flimsy. If you just get into the tech just on its peak, you can enjoy the benefits easier. There is a price to pay for these toys, and the latest action camera for your rides would be costly if you want to get the full 4K experience of that video. But do you really need 4K in seeing your mate fail that jump? You have to choose the most practical application for that piece of gadget to justify it in your life. You might buy the most expensive drone and then just use it for a day or two and forget it in your closet. IS it worth it? You decide, but the point is: Adapt to new tech.

Have you seen RockShox’s Flight Attendant intelligent shocks? Really?

#rockshox #flightattendant #fork #suspension #technology #sram

Reflect And Meditate

Call it prayer or quiet time, but you must have some silent time to yourself and just pause. Have a moment and get to ponder about stuff. After that, just leave your mind blank and get away from the stress. A lot of quiet time brings us back to the source and when we start again with our daily grind, hopefully that short moment of stillness and meditation helps you with the journey ahead.

there are lots of methods, just choose your own “style”

Stay Safe and Be Blessed

These are just some tips on how to play the Covid game in the year 2022. Get vaccinated, in order to lower the risk of dying due to the virus. Isolate if you must, or when needed. There are rules and guidelines on how long you must, plus the different scenarios: https://doh.gov.ph/COVID-19/IATF-Resolutions .

Once this pandemic is over, we can ride peacefully once again and go on bike adventures, but in the meantime, let us all stay safe and healthy! Peace!

Biker Tips for Covid-2022
When in a place you do not want to be, remember the best feeling you had when you were out in the open. Bring your mind there, and imagine.

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