The Philippine Bike Demo 2022 Experience plus Other Videos

The Philippine Bike Demo 2022 Experience plus Other Videos

September 15, 2022 Comments (0) Blog Posts

Biker Activities While Raining

Can’t go out and ride? Here are some interesting biker activities which can keep you busy while it is raining outside.

Biker Activities While Raining

Clean Your Bike

Cleaning your bike has different levels. There is a superficial cleaning, and there is a deep disassemble type of cleaning which goes down deep into the innards of your beloved bicycle.

Biker Activities While Raining
shower time!!!

When you use the hose and soap your bike, use tools like the old toothbrush to reach those small parts in between the derailleur, the brakes, the chain links, etc. I use a bigger brush to clean the grooves of the tires so that all the muck and grime get flushed out.

Make sure you dry the bike using a clean cloth and do not leave water marks on the parts. Once the bike is dry, put some dry grease or oil the chain links of your bike. Warning: do not put too much oil/ grease on your chain, it will attract more dust/ dirt and create more black grease. Just put enough and if you think you’ve put too much, simply wipe it off with a clean rug.

Watch Bike Videos

Go to Youtube or Vimeo and search bicycle videos that interest you. If you are a mountain biker, there are tons of content out there. Bike Packing, Touring or whatever fancies you, choose and be amazed.

Here are some amazing bike videos to start out with:

This one is a classic:

Was that fun or what? I enjoy watching great bike videos, imagining myself in those videos… oh what a wonderful feeling.

Cross Training

Biker Activities While Raining

The good part of cycling is that we get to be fit and healthy while riding our bikes. But if we stop biking or we have days off the saddle, the body gets lazy and the muscles tend to soften up. Do not let your guard down, exercise or stretch/ cross train so that when you go back to the saddle, you are still strong!

There are numerous activities which we can engage in, just by searching the right one. I suggest yoga, Pilates or High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T.) Whatever fancies your personality, mate!

Yoga for the body, soul and mind

Leg exercises like football, track and field work well with cycling also. I personally love to swim so that is my cross training (you are wet anyway). It is your choice, but do what you can do when it is raining and you can’t go out and ride your bike.

Research and Expand Your Brain

Ask your search engine anything. Bike related topics interest you, right? So whatever your discipline is, there are loads of material in the internet that you can read/ watch about. Of course, you should curate well and not just read any user generated text. You should also be good in choosing if the source of the material is reliable.

Biker Activities While Raining
photo by:

If you seek honest opinion about certain products, get a good review about it (just make sure it is not a paid ad). If you seek a more technical and fact driven content, be certain that it is a legit source. You should also be aware of other sources and compare it with others, just so that you are feeding your brain with correct information.

Bike Kalikot (Tinker with Your Bike)

Adjust your seat height to the best position. Know how the brakes work. adjust the angle of your brake lever to your wrist preference. Get the perfect handle bar angle. There are plenty of adjustments which can make your riding position better and make you more comfortable with your bicycle. All you need is an allen wrench set, some bike tools and you’re all set to tinker with your bike.

You can also clean your chain. Some remove their chain in order to clean it better. It is all up to you! If you are not sure with what you are doing, ask a friend, or ask Google.

Plan Your Next Bike Ride

Imagine biking through the rolling hills of Batanes. Picture yourself on top of the peak of your favorite mountain. Feel the rush of the downhill going through your best trail.

Biker Activities While Raining

Try to research and plan your next ride with your friends. Invite your best mates and get them excited as well. Choose a date, try to make arrangements, know where to eat, stop and enjoy the ride. Do the planning and logistics for the epic trip that you will look forward to, and JUST DO IT!

Find The Best Deal Online

There are plenty of good deals online. You just have to go look for them. This may not be the best tip for all, but IF you happen to exhaust all the other suggestions and you are still bored, just go to the digital marketplace. The key here is to type the correct search words for whatever you are looking for. You can search for pre-loved items, and that is the ultimate goal if you get a good bargain. Remember, someone’s trash may be somebody else’s treasure.

So do not give up easily and maybe, just maybe, you can find your unicorn just waiting for you.

Pray, Meditate and Heal

When it rains, you cannot ride. Use this time to retreat and surrender yourself to the higher being. Whatever religious affiliation you have, pray. You may also meditate and return to your inner being.

Don’t know how to start meditating? Just sit comfortably in a quiet room. Close your eyes. Mind your breathing. Relax.

Biker Activities While Raining

This alone time allows your mind, body and soul to heal… so that you are ready again to face the world and pedal your way to success!


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