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vintage road racer

This vintage road racer was pimped by Valleybikes. The lugs were outlined by famous artist, Patt. Almost all the pieces were buffed to match the shiny blue paintjob of the Reynolds 531 tubes. It was built back up by Boyet of the John Willke clan. Much love and pimpin’ went to this vintage road racer.

The two-tone color scheme was specifically chosen by the owner. The teal x electric blue with white and brown cockpit fit perfectly on this single speed ride. Small crank plate with big sprocket is the preferred gearing for this bike for it would entail climbs and ascends specific for Clark and Baguio.

The full-rigid “Honda Civic” blue mountain bike is an Ondoy survivor. Right after the bike was finished from the paintshop, Ondoy struck Valleybikes. Luckily, all the parts were intact and it took a while to build up the bike again. There is a statement on the fork: “Got Rigid?”

The owner wanted a black mountain bike with red rims. He is a researcher for a NGO studying about Malaria in the provinces. Nice color scheme, thanks to the accent red rims.

One of the most reliable all mountain hardtails I’ve ever seen. This is one tough cookie. I have seen the transformation of this bike from newbie, to all mountain, to XC, to weight weenie. Now dubbed as “MAYA”, this green fade to white bike (with gold accents) is a grand daddy here in Valleybikes.

Vester 2 is now owned by Jong, an outdoorsman x rocker. This hardtail is bombproof. Alex DHX rolls with Kenda Nevegals 2.35 up front and back. Deore makes all the parts go smoothly. It used to have a Marzocchi EXR Air but it was replaced with a much more dependable Suntour XCR fork with lock-out.

The Juliet. Black decals on a black frame does it for me. White fork with white cranks highlights the darkness of this build. The slick tires mashed up perfectly on the three spoked rear wheel.  Sweet!

Purple and pink is the way to go. Full suspension makes riding bikes a posh experience. Pink grips with pink Jag wires accent this purple rig. Geax tires meant for the mountain are knobby enough to eat mud and dirt anywhere. Want adventure, girly style?

This clean “white-robe” is the whitest of ’em all. Cockpit, saddle, pedal, rims, saddle, frame, lights– they’re all tighty whiteys! I challenged the owner if she wanted white tires, but she declined. Pretty yet tough.

First ever full-suspension rig we ever worked with. This frame was passed on from one guy to another like a dirty #$%^. We rode and abused it until it gave up on us. It is lost somewhere in Bulacan when Scot decided to let Mimil ride it.

Steel is real. This retro 90’s mountain bike is a blast from the past. Chromoly steel , cantilever brakes, Shimano LX parts mixed with Shimano XT make this bike precious. The bend of the steel is still there, the smoothness of the hubs still works like magic with the orig Japan Araya rims (wrapped with slick metro tires) the Trooper is a fun ride.

Kid’s bikes aren’t supposed to be black. They should be green, red, or yellow (something cute). But this bike, dark as the night, was a gift from Santa Claus. Who to pimp Santa’s bike than Valleybikes?16 inch rims matched with wide handlebars make this bike a winner.

This is Gino’s first ever mountain bike. Hardtail with his intitals on it: GT. People usually throw their first bike once the bike bug bites them, I wonder what happened to this rig?

This is the most expensive build so far. XTR all the way, Tange carbon bars, carbon seatpost, Fox front and rear suspension, Mavic wheelset, Small Block 8 tires, XtraLarge Giant Trance X. Only for the big boys.

This is Jock’s Brooke pimped by Valleybikes. This is a from-the-box-built-bike-by-GT, imported by Jock to ride in the mountains of San Mateo. Pimped up by Da Bomb MiniME stem, Nokian Gazzaloddi tires and a few more stuff, this bike served its master well.

Kani wanted an orange and white bike to match his rigid Surly fork. I matched the orange from the Surly fork and painted his old hardtail. We fooled around and added some checkered stuff into the frame to add highlight. We couldn’t stop painting so we matched the Truvativ cranks and made it orange.

Here is one build that I really enjoyed. A friend of mine wanted to give her son a neat Christmas gift. What better gift than a pimped up BMX from Valleybikes!?! I rode this baby hard, and abused it well. Now, it can take on anything.

Urban Hucksta. This is Neil’s first Valleybikes ride. I built it tough, complete with chain tensioner and the frame was specifically for jumping and tricks. White handle bars matched with a white fork accent this all black jumper.

This is the bike which started it all. All black, except for the silver pedals. Shimano components, Marzocchi EXR Air, Truvativ stem, Nokian Gazzaloddi tires, Alex DHX rims.

There is a thin line between All Mountain and Freeride and Dirty Harry threads on it. This baby loves going down fast, but it can also bring you up steep ascents that can make grown men weep. Bombproof is an understatement for this bike because it has survived anything you throw at it. Tricycle collision? Done that. Jumps? Drops? Rock gardens? Ho-humm… River Crossing? how deep can you go? A lot claim that a shorter travel park bike is the ONE bike. Dirty Harry, with all that unnecessary long travel is the ULTIMATE mountain bike.

JD Cruzer is a strict retro bike. White side wall, matched with coaster hubs make this bike free from wires and cables. Paintjob, care of Lee from km. sixteen customs.

Mr. Fu's bike

This sleek, black SingleSpeed niner is so clean. No gears? No worries! Built for the street, this urban cruiser is one handsome baby! Even with big tires, it is quite a nimble and fast bike, thanks to the gear ratio, plus short wheelbase of the Surly Karate Monkey! Hiiyaaaah!!

Epic BMX (2)

In the world of bicycles, this 20 inch BMX is a rockstar. All black with a touch of red, this baby can jump, huck, ride and do tricks (with the proper rider) better than your average BMX. Three peice cranks, rotors, bombproof wheels, crmo tubes, how else can you go wrong?

Aniban's bike (8)Low Rider Cruiser commissioned by Jhon and Jhon Farms Inc. This eye turner draws the crowd via it deep rich wine red color plus its black components. This is the bike cruiser to pedal along during those lazy Sunday afternoons. This boar is hungry!

Heavy Metal pimped by Valleybikes. Curvaceous yet rigid, this bike can take on anything; from long uphill climbs to rocky trails and muddy clay, this bike will hit ’em hard!

Plum goes well with black with a touch of white. This pretty yet conservative mountain bike goes all Shimano with the drive train and brake components.

Light yet sturdy bike which was built from spare parts lying around. The rare pattern-less sleek tires have been everywhere; from around the city up the northern parts of Luzon.

Snake eyes is a bike that was pimped by Valleybikes. It used to be a rusting piece of junk in a friend’s garage. Now back to life with its snake eyes decals, it shall creep up to any biker like a ninja of the night.


JD Cruzer got some serious over haulin in the valley with new 27 inch Araya rims, wrapped in Kenda white side wall tires. Fenders to match the wheelset were also shined for that retro feel. New Shimano Nexus hubs in front matched with coaster hubs make the wheelset spin. Head lights powered by the dynamo complete the clean yellow paint job for JD Cruzer. It is now ready for the photoshoot.


The Jump bike named Jason (Crank) is a sure fire jump machine. Don’t know how to jump? Youtube: How to bunnyhop and you are all set. Sloping top tube , low seats, sleek tires make this baby a certified street toy. The Xfusion fork give this baby class and the Continental rubbers give you confidence even at night due to the reflector side walls.


2B Exotic’s Single speed, cromoly steel, vintage mountain bike is as real as you can get. This old school rigid off road bike will send all the new age gravel bikes back to their mommas when set beside each other. Knobby tires, black cockpit and black Araya rims give this sexy Japanese a run for its money.

Vermilion pic

Dubbed as Vermilion, this raw steel bike has horizontal dropouts, a rack, comfortable saddle and fast 700c x 25 rubber. Gravel, touring, cyclo cross, whatever you want to call it, I say it is a very comfortable bike made for the city and the artist.

The Giant Trance got an upgrade. From its former 3 x 8, it morphed to 2 x 10. White Bash guard with matching white short stem completed its face lift.

The Doctor ordered a black town bike. It should efficient, reliable and practical. Racks, Brooks and 105s later, this came out.

Mod Retro steel gravel CX touring road bike called Surly Fuentes. This bendable, reliable urban ride has a Salsa Woodchipper for the open wide drop bars, Deda seatpost and Brooks saddle as a cockpit. SRAM drives it around so you won’t ever go wrong again with your gears. Probably one of the prettiest I’ve created so far. A good friend deserves only the best.

The Art of Ligaw — 27.5 plus steel bike with open bar. This courageous, built-for-apocalypse,modern commuter is commemorative for Direk Jourdan’s first directorial job: The Art of Ligaw. XT drive train with Maxxis Ardent tires make this bike look ferocious and ready for whatever the world brings us. Really fun bike to ride. comfortable and durable; just the way we like ’em. 

Taguig got fixed with this The Project chromoly frame and fork. Cockpit and wheels are all State Bicycles Co.

The Project Triple Tri frame was painted Cosmic Metallic blue to achieve the clean classic look. Brooks complimented the whole aura of this fixie build.

Very comfortable commuter bike with those wide Ritchey Kyote bars matched with Brooks Cambium saddle. This runs on Schwalbe G-one 700c x 30 tires. Fun and easy to ride, made for BGC!

Wanp steel commuter from Japan. Picked up this white steel bike from the surplus shop and changed the wheelset, then added a front rack. It was my first legit 700c experience on the road. No ego here, just a practical and fun steel bike.

Santa Cruz Chameleon CC For The Good Man From Abra

Carbon Hardtail Mountain bike for the good man of Abra. This shiny orange build boasts of Fox 34 and Fox Transfer dropper post, Hope Pro4 35mm rim wheelset, Chris King headset, Enve M9 handlebar, Hope stem, Shimano XT 12 speed and Brooks Cambium c17. Best build for 2020.

The owner of this bike is a tall teacher from BGC, Taguig. A modern, single speed commuter bike with classic fenders to protect the teacher’s slacks for class was built. The wooden crate at the back gives this ride some attitude, saying “we don’t deliver food, we impart education!”

Orange with blue accent dubbed this hardtail as: Deus Ex Machina for the owner wanted the message in the bike. We got the local paint guys do magic on this small 27.5 hardtail.

Beach Cruiser made for the city. Easy to pedal and fun to coast with, this wide and stable cruiser is a heavy weight winner. The World champion of the World is brown and you know it.

Patina for the AMF Roadmaster Voyager. Wrapped in white 26″ tires and accented with a shiny bullet lamp and generator, this real vintage bike rides like a vintage bike as well. The serious moustache handlebar sets your back straight and the rusted look would get you thumbs of approval.

The design of the frame gives flow to the over all aesthetics of this klunker. We just love how the middle bar is set parallel to the ground, giving the bike a unique stance which only a few would appreciate.

Dubbed as the Love bike ( cross between a mountain bike and city bike), this red aluminum 650b commuter bike is perfect for everything in between the mountain and the city. Yes, you may visit the mountain and still use this, but it is the epitome of a bike that is loved.

Practical and easy to park, this Tern folding bike is the most compact 20inch bike we had. Complete with 7 speed rear derailleur, rim brakes, mud fenders, bell and water bottle holder, this light and nimble bike is perfect for short commutes and ninja errands.

Hybrid bikes were what they used to call it back in the 90’s to early 2000s. It is like a road bike with straight handlebars, running on 700c wheelset. We pimped the tires and stem for this one, making it a worthy gravel bike for the era now.

The Surly Lowside rides like a fine, comfortable, single speed cruiser. The high rise handlebar gives the biker a relaxed stance, plus the stable wheelset offers a smooth hassle free cruise. If you huck it, it will obey. The super wide Sunrise handlebar makes controlling the bicycle easy and fun. When you mash the pedal for speed, it immediately accelerates and gives you velocity for that jump or whatever you need speed for. The cromoly Surly frame and fork quietly bends so the bike is weirdly flexible.

Rigid Retro Carbon Scott mountainbike was a gift from the universe. Acquired and built during the Covid-19 pandemic (around 2020-21) this bike is the answer to all the gravel ride invites. Such an able climber, the 21 gears are apt for climbing, flat roads and what have you. The bike’s name is Pippen coz it is a Scott USA bicycle.

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