poetic pandemic

Poetic Pandemic

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August 31, 2021 Comments (0) Adventure, Blog Posts

Anti Polo – National Heroes’ Day Ride 2021


The long weekend of August 2021 is somehow always sweet for we celebrate our National Heroes’ Day, plus we get to ride. This year is quite different due to the pandemic, there are lockdowns in certain areas so bikers are weary to go out, plus the Covid-19 Delta Variant cases is on the highest ever at 22 thousand plus. Odds are off, but we stretched out our legs a little and had a quick spin, all in the allowed 6-9 “exercise time outside protocol”.

Biker Tip

Pinoy HERO: “Ugaliin magpahid ng SUNBLOCK. Dahil sa pagbibisikleta, sobrang nasusunog tayo sa init ng araw. Kailangan proteksyunan ang ating balat. Magpahid ng sunblock para di magkulay gray. Swerte ang mga kayumanggi, kumbaga sa luto ng tinapay, tayo ang “sakto”. Ingatan na ang pagpapainit ng sobra, baka maging tustado.


Aside from the sunblock tip of taking care of your skin, all we can advise during this pandemic when it comes to riding is: AVOID big group rides! I ride solo, and the only time I ride with friends is when it is short and quick. My friends understand that it is not advisable to eat together, so we do the quick route, and before we even get hungry and “laspag” (dead tired), we should be on our way home to eat with our families.


Why do we eat at home?

garlic big fish

Eating together means masks off. Munching food with biker friends means having a good time and laughing and stuff. Unless all of you eat 2 meters apart, the chances of having bodily fluids exchange during meal time is likely. So let us not go that route. We are sure that our biker friends are Covid-19 free and they are vaccinated, but they may still be carriers of the virus and even if you are fully vaccinated as well, you might bring home the virus to your household and affect the non-vaccinated members of your household. Quite easy to explain logic. Of course, we are just avoiding all these scenarios, so we hope and pray that these do not happen to you.

“sa bahay na lang ako kakain!”

Ride Safe

Ride Safe is like the God Bless You of riders nowadays. Yet riding safe not only means being extra careful on the road, but you have to be cautious NOT to bring home the virus. Do not get the virus in to your system and please be extra careful.


Avoid large crowds, wear your mask properly, disinfect your hands always. Practice social distancing and load up on vitamins. Always put to mind these reminders when riding safe.

And the best advice we always give to our friends: RIDE HARD!


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