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Coolest Helmet To Rock For Any Sport: Bern Macon 2.0

Coolest Helmet To Rock For Any Sport: Bern Macon...

September 27, 2021 Comments (0) Reviews

Adidas Velosamba Showcase

What is up with the Adidas Velosamba?

This is not the first cycling shoe of Adidas. but this is the most celebrated one in recent history. For those of you who do not know, 510 (the shoe company) was acquired by Adidas (in 2011). Maybe some dude from R&D suggested, “Why don’t we put the 510 tech in the Samba?” Let’s make a shoe that would appeal to those Gen X’ers who rocked the Samba, and put what we already know about cycling shoes from 510… Thus, the Velosamba came to life.

Adidas Velosamba Showcase

The Velosamba banks on the classic lines and street cred of the indoor soccer shoe, Samba which was worn by icons like Bob Marley.

Adidas Velosamba Showcase

Samba is Classic

The shoe has deep roots from the subculture of music, sports and the hood. The clean lines, the three stripes and the oversized tongue of the shoe offers the wearer the option of being the favorite pair in the daily rotation of many. Personally, I had Sambas of different colorways and special editions that it is always in my rotation because it is comfortable and easy to match with.

Adidas Velosamba Showcase
Samba Darth Vader- Deadly Finisher

Yes, I have used my Adidas Samba in my cycling adventures back then when I was still riding using platform pedals. As years passed, I evolved and my riding style progressed as well, I have played around with the idea of having cleats on cool looking shoes used for street culture. I imagined the Puma Suede having a slot for cleats, OR the Nike SB being fitted with cleats for the Fixie riders. That may happen in the near future, once Adidas sets the trend for it. Now it’s happening…

Release the Kraken

If you want to know what’s up with the 510 cycling shoes, watch this video: (You can start at 3:57)

Credit to Chain Reaction cycles for the video–

So imagine the tech and R&D this Samba went through. This model is sitting on the shoulder of giants. Its just a matter of time when Adidas would slap on cleat slots in their coolest looking shoes.

Adidas Velosamba Showcase
The pattern of the Velosamba sole has evolved from the Samba indoor soccer pattern

New Sole pattern

The Velosamba has morphed and mutated into something like the sole of 510 which they call the Stealth design. Its supposed to be sticky rubber which clings on to anything. If Vans has the waffle design which is the polar of the flat pedals stud, the Samba pattern mimics the reverse of the waffle design! (but that is just an observation)

This is how the original Samba sole looked:

Adidas Velosamba Showcase

This is the Stealth of 510 shoes pattern look like:

Adidas Velosamba Showcase 510
The special rubber is really sticky, from the 510’s rock climbing R&D years ago.
Adidas Velosamba Showcase

The Fit

One of the more important factors when buying any shoe; whether they are sneakers, basketball shoes or cycling shoes is that the shoes should fit comfortably. If it is too tight or too loose, it would seem wrong and not right. A good shoe should be nice and snug. The Samba is a narrow foot shoe, so is the Velosamba. If you are accustomed to wearing the classic Samba, then the Velosamba does not have any problem with your foot. There are extra layers of padding on the heel and ankle part of the shoe, making it more stable and firm. The inside of the rubber gum sole uses the 510 technology of a cycling shoe so the shoes would be extra stiff when walking. That stability can be felt as well when you are pedaling.

Adidas Velosamba Showcase
padded for your pleasure

How Does It Look As A Cycling Shoe?

This is the perfect Tam-Bike shoe. You would want to wear it riding to work, or just to simply hang out with your bike buddies in the local bike shop. The laces and over-all look of the VeloSamba does nothing to make the shoe look legit as a cycling footwear. The sole has a slot for cleats, yes, but does it improve your performance? The tongue of the shoe has a cute elastic band to hold the laces in place, but that’s about it. Or is it?

Adidas Velosamba Showcase

Reflectorized Stripes And Rear End

Aside from lighting up, this is the next best thing for a cycling shoe: the three white stripes are reflectorized. It is the most awesome thing when pedaling at night. When light beams from cars or flashlights hit the stripes and the back part of the Velosamba, it glares back at you like the eyes of a cat. Very cool indeed!

Adidas Velosamba Showcase

2021 Velosamba Release

The Adidas Velosamba was released around the second quarter of 2021. We have been trying to order through the official Adidas website but size 11 was not available, always! We got desperate and ordered through, a sneaker website. Luck was on our side and we got the size 11. It was more expensive than the usual SRP, but who cares? $150 Usd plus shipping. The colors I saw in the web were just black and white, all white and tennis ball green. The first issue colorway might be boring for some, yet we are excited on the next colorways of the Velosamba. Yes, it is like an artist’s canvass. Do surprise us please, Adidas! Let us wait until next year for the new colorways of the Velosamba.

Adidas Velosamba Showcase

Should You Buy It?

Did you own an Adidas Samba? If yes, then get a Velosamba.

Do you cycle wearing street clothes? If yes, then go order a Velosamba.

Do you hang out with friends and talk about bikes in your local bike shop? If yes, then go buy a Velosamba.

Adidas Velosamba Showcase
baby got back reflectorized!

Do you ride wearing tight cycling shorts and cycling jersey? Think about it, but yeah, the Velosamba would still look cool on you.

I do not see any reason why not to purchase the Adidas Velosamba. If it isn’t your style, we respect that. But bottom line, if you have the money to spare, this is one good investment. It would also rekindle your love for cycling, if you are kinda getting bored with the usuals, this will perk up your love for the sport… and look good while you’re at it.

Adidas Velosamba Showcase
Adidas Velosamba Showcase
cool like dat

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