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November 25, 2013 Comments (0) Adventure, Blog Posts

15th Tour of the Firefly— Ride for a Cause

Every year is different, every year is special. The magic of the Tour of the Fireflies is still there, even though it has stretched far and wide already. One thing is sure; the number of new bikers still continue to grow exponentially. There are lots of old timers like me, but the allure of the Firefly was tested to the edge last Sunday, Nov 24 as different happenings literally clashed versus the “Annual Critical Mass Ride”.
1. Pacquiao vs. Rios fight in Macau. Everybody wondered why the ride started super early and the route was short, plus the event ended early— simply because the Pambansang Kamao was fighting for the nation’s glory. Every biker simply wanted to go home just in time for lunch and watch as our “hero” punch his way to victory. Yet for some, they’d rather wait for the whole event, and watch the pre-fights instead of joining the Fireflies.
2. Giant XC cup2 in La Mesa. The Race boys, XC lovers and the competitive brothers were in attendance for this event in La Mesa Ecopark. Too bad the trail was overly muddy so the racers were complaining that it was unridable. A number of my close friends chose this versus the ToF. They regretted their choice.
3. Enduro event in San Pablo. For our more hardcore All Mountain Brothers, instead of riding around the Metro, they’d rather attend the Enduro series in Laguna. It was a nice challenge, but this is not for the faint at heart.
Here are some pictures of the 15th Tour of the Fireflies:
Pepe, our National Hero, joins the cause. Rock n Roll Jose Rizal!
Awesome bikes with cool riders showed up to showcase their toys.
Talk about bling bling wheels! This would make any gangsta ashamed of his rims.
High five to the organizers of this massive event. I just wish that people become more goal oriented for the Mass ride. I give credit to all the people who worked so hard to mount an event like this but I just wish that there was more awareness for such a humongous ride. Awareness in terms of public knowledge (so that they would NOT add to the traffic on the same day), respect, Media coverage (who knows, we might beat the world record of cyclists gathered together for a cause?) and all those little things which could have made the bike event better. There’s a lot of money if planned and mounted well enough, so there’s no need for red tape and all that crap regarding cash.
I guess all it needs is one dictator who’s clean enough not to profit out of the cyclists and sponsors.
But enough of the ranting. Let’s go back to the showcase of pictures:
It’s his third year to ride the Fireflies. Last year, he came as an Igorot, this year, his costume is Kalinga. Then I realized, ahhhhhh!!! He’s got a diferent bahag on… I asked pardon for mistaking him as an Igorot.
Even the cops rode with the Fireflies with their mountainbike issued by Mayor Ejercito. Bike Patrol!
It’s fun to ride the Tour of the Fireflies with close bike buddies. You get to laugh, talk and see things in a different point of view when riding your bike. Also great when you have to stop by your local Sari-sari store and take a breather. I guess the magic of the Firefly event also comes from the people that you ride with, the different bike personalities you get to chat with, plus the over-all good vibes you feel cruising round the Metro. All right!
Idol ko si Kap! Kap Jak Sparo.
Till our next tour, shalom!

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