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February 21, 2013 Comments (0) Bicycles, Blog Posts, Reviews

XXXVI DG– 36 inches of fun

IF you think those 29ers are big enough, think again. Italian Art Director Paolo De Giusti reinvented the bicycle with his titanium XXVI DG. The frame is made of titanium and the other bike parts are made of aluminum. It boasts of carbon fiber rims, with 200mm aluminum hubs. The inspiration for this bike came from the old school velocipede, with large wheels.
big wheels1
“There is no reason to have a car, while the disadvantages of a bike are minimal in comparison to the simplicity and affordability. The developed markets are not looking for bike of poor quality or anonymous, people will choose the bike as choosing a pair of shoes, comfortable but stylish,” De Giusti states when asked why he made such a bike.
big wheels2big wheels4
The seat tube is beside the rear wheel to make the wheelbase shorter. The simplicity of the lines and overlapping design of the tubes are all cues from making the bike simple yet functional. “This is to make the structure clean, but also because the reflection of light on this long shining surface is beautiful.”
Strength wise, the standard diamond design of the bicycle is still the most reliable. Paolo De Giusti reminds everybody that this bike is not a downhill rig, it is a cruiser bike. Aesthetically, the big wheels are exotic. But, I’d rather have bent steel to minimize the wheelbase.
big wheels3
photos from: bikeradar.com

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