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XC Nuvali

natureStrolled down South once more to do the course in Nuvali. It was an early start for me because the distance from my bed’s quite far. So I hit the road, met up with friends in Alabang and went to Nuvali.
Nuvali is a big chunk of land somewhere between Sta. Rosa and Cabuyao, Laguna. It is being developed by Ayala so they are really putting money into the marketing, improvement and beautification of the said land. They are putting up good schools, nice restaurants and they are promoting themselves as a nature spot. They are developing eco living, plus they are promoting a healthy lifestyle. They put up fields for different sports and other outdoor activities, biking included.
They are really pushing bicycles in Nuvali that they are supportive of the annual Dirt Weekend race. I’ve been to the 2010 Dirt Weekend that is why I am familiar with it. It was a good way to invite the crowd so now people are aware of Nuvali.

The course: If you love cross country, Nuvali is the perfect XC traverse. You can bike the perimeter of the land and have your fill of off-road, single track, short climbs and fast descents.
There are sections wherein you would feel as if you are in New Zealand, because there are cows grazing about. (Be careful not to roll on those precious land mines, them cows spread them good…) This section is all grass, with rolling single track. We were lucky last Sunday that it wasn’t too hot. It was overcast so the weather was really friendly. I’d imagine riding there on a hot weather, not good.
I enjoyed one particular area my friends called the Action Star. It was a rolling section wherein you would feel like an action star due to the “fun-ness” of the line. You go fast down and the momentum of the DH could actually bring you back up without pedaling so it was all bike handling. You get to enjoy the suspension of you machine as you go fast up and go faster down.
It was a fun course, reminiscent of the very old dirt weekend before. The sights were fine. The buko at the middle of the course was a nice refresher from the pedaling duty. (10 pesos only)

All good, the front fender I put in my bike worked wonders so it caught all the dirt coming from my front wheel. It was a fantastic ride. If you like riding, Nuvali is a nice place to visit.
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How to go there: Go to South Luzon Expressway, exit Santa Rosa. Go straight up going to Tagaytay, once you see establishments like restaurants and malls, you are near. Look for the giant billboard and take a left to Nuvali. Park at the football field, and start the fun!
nuvali map
photo credit: Nuvali