May 11, 2016 Comments Blog Posts, Reviews

WTB Pure V Saddle Lowdown/Review

When it comes to mountain bike saddles, we all deserve the best for our bum. The WTB Pure V saddle is the most practical, bombproof saddle made for mountain biking.

pure V

Hardtail or Full Suspension, the WTB (Wilderness Trail Bikes) Pure V reeks of comfort and fun for the bicycle. It is not too heavy, plus the cushion the saddle brings is world class. The design is simple and ergonomic to withstand the rigors of mountain bike riding.

Nasty spills here or there can do minimal damage to the saddle because the leather is thick enough to survive punctures and scratches. The railing is tough. You can’t easily damage it just by biting or bending it. (please don’t bite the railing)

The design is awesome, with the back rising and the front sloping down. It provides a very comfortable sitting time whether on the back roads or in the trails.

I have used the Selle Italia saddle and I broke the railing. I also have used the Fizik saddle and tore the thin protective cover. I used the WTB saddle and was very satisfied. Through wear and tear, the WTB saddle looked old so I changed it for another saddle.

I bought another WTB saddle.  Why?

Because for me WTB means Wellness to Bum.

pure V WTBPrice? Reasonable.

Comfort? Like sitting on your computer chair.

Looks? Goes well with your suit and still looks sharp with your moccasins.





See that canal in the middle of the saddle? It’s the magic space which Scientists claim help in the prevention of erectile dysfunction. But don’t take my word for it. It is just a claim. You shall get erectile dysfunction if you abuse yourself. (so stop popping those pills, it will have its toll, mind you)


So if you want to keep your bicycle cockpit looking pro, you would want to get the WTB. It is the choice of champs, it is tested and proven… so either get it or get that impractical expensive seat. All up to you, man.