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February 25, 2013 Comments (0) Blog Posts, Reviews

Winner: Best Cinematography for a bike film – Life Cycles

This full length movie is by far the best bike movie ever made in terms of cinematography and craftsmanship  All the planned shots and creative treatment put into this film are very commendable. The producers are all obviously bike enthusiasts so their product is raved by all who have seen the film. There are sequences wherein you would be amazed and startled how they did it, but they pulled it off! They have exceeded the benchmark for making bike movies for the next 6-9 years. The producers have the technology and the means, so they simply maximized what they had. The script/copy is well thought of and cleverly written, with a raspy voice over doing a “Voltron-ish” kind of narration.

Stance Films has definitely set the par in terms of producing quality bike films in Life Cycles. From the changing seasons, to the rusting transitions, I give this film two thumbs up. If you haven’t seen this, please do (ask other bikers friends who has a High Definition copy in their hard drive). This is one movie you will never tire of watching.
Life Cycles-  winner of Best Director, Best Film, Best Cinematography 2011 X-Dance film festival

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