August 10, 2017 Comments Blog Posts

Why I Bike To Work


Why Should You Bike To Work?

  1. Biking to work beats sitting in traffic.
  2. Save on gas/ save on fare.
  3. Cycling is a form of exercise, so this is the healthier option.
  4. You get to see things up close and personal when riding rather than sitting in the car/ train/ bus/ cab.
  5. Practice for the weekend climb.
  6. Pedaling is exercise. According to research, exercise makes a person happier because the chemicals in the brain like serotonin, dopamine, phenylethylamine add to our feeling good. These “happy chemicals” according to bring us happiness. They add up to the endorphins which we get from pedaling.
  7. You can get a good tan (just don’t forget to apply sunblock).
  8. Since you use your bike to commute, it justifies your spending for your transportation.
  9.  Develop your leg muscles/ clock in saddle time.
  10. Lessen your carbon footprint. Do Earth a favor and lessen the pollution by NOT adding another car on the road.