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August 18, 2014 Comments (0) Blog Posts

Who Doesn't Hate Heavy Traffic?

An important question to all: How do we, as a nation, beat traffic?
That’s simple- bike to work.
This has a lot of benefits, for example, matipid. You won’t need gas (sorry Petron, Caltex, Shell, Unioil, etc.).
Also, this helps make you healthier. Heck, you might even lose weight!
bike to work aug2014 (8)
Most importantly, biking to work lessens your carbon footprint. No cars = no smoke!
This isn’t only the effort of bikers though. This has to be the effort of the employees AND the employers. How do the companies help? Well, for one, they can install a shower/change room. This is for the sweaty bikers so they can change before work. Also, please put bike racks near the buildings (bike parking!)
Great idea, isn’t it? Mother Nature thinks so too.
wild horses 2012 grn trail (11)
***written by a grade 7 student who thinks traffic is a bummer. @mangomudkip
sunday biking with the gang (56)

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