January 8, 2013 Comments Bicycles, Blog Posts

White Robe

Valleybikes built a white bike for Liza. She wanted a nice looking sturdy bike.


Nothing all white. The crew balanced the “whiteness” of the bike with the tires. We planned to dress it up with white rubbers (GEAX) but opted for Kenda’s Small Block Eight. The small beads make good traction for cement and asphalt roads.

 Liza wants a white bike

Liza wants a white bike

Shimano deals with the shifting and stopping of this white machine. Hydraulic brakes are the way to go, so I recommend this a staple commodity for all mountain bike builds. Its crisp braking power is a sure hit (eject lever for some!) when you want to stop moving. A light pull from your index finger would trigger the Kendas to stick to the ground.

We stopped ourselves from putting in white grips and seat post. Balance it out. I’ve seen the whitest bikes around and it’s too much.

DSC00246Liza's whitey (1)