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June 25, 2014 Comments Off on What's Your Excuse? Adventure, Blog Posts, Reviews

What's Your Excuse?

Everybody makes excuses.
“The sunblock gets into my eye.”
“There’s something wrong with my bottom bracket.”
“My alarm didn’t ring.”
There are a thousand and one reasons a rider can come up with to stop, dismount or rest. There’s no problem with that. At the end of the day, biking is just about you and yourself. Unless you live to race bikes, pedaling is all about man versus self. It is really about FREEDOM. The sights and wonders are just bonuses.
My excuse for this trip is that I need to review the latest shades sponsored by Spyder. So I gathered the trusty Mountain goats and took a ride somewhere in San Jose, Bulacan. Ohmar (of Camp-O) and DH Mike (of Pop cycles) rode with me towards a place they call the Helipad. It was a grueling slow ascent towards the peak. The backroad was very rocky, making it hard to pedal up and the steep grade made it very challenging to start. Granny is your best friend during the slow up hill climb, and we really got very very close.
Once we reached the summit, it was a sight to behold because you can see the Sierra Madre range. Spots like the Wawa dam and the La Mesa reserve were all seen in the peak of Mt. Balagbag. Once we reached the top, we hanged back and took a rest before going downhill. We met a group of college dudes who hiked all the way up. We also met Garfield the friendly and very hungry orange cat.
We also saw Bans Mendoza leading a pack of Enduro-Freeriders. We asked them if the footpath was ridable. They said yes so we just followed suit. 20140622_111921
The footpath was fun to downhill minus the spiky rocks. If there were no rocks along the footpath, that could have been a great fast ride. But alas, the rocks were there to make the footpath from the peak a level 5.
Yet I digress. The Spyder Hybrid shades was great. The ventilation on the lens made it great that there was no fog when the temperature changed. The frame and lens were big enough to keep my eyes protected from the sun. There is even a strap at the tip of the frame so when doing intense activities, the shades won’t fall off.
The shades come with a big case to keep the lens from being scratched, plus a pouch to clean the lens with.
If you notice, the sky became quite gloomy when we were about to go downhill. Still I wore the shades, Spyder says this is supposed to be waterproof. I’ll test it out and see if it protects my eye from the mud. Lo and behold, God gave us rain and the back road going downhill became more challenging. Fun factor was raised to a new level, maneuvering the bike downhill really fast, plus the mud getting in your eye. Spyder protected my eye from the elements so that is a plus for them.
The shades’ quality is excellent, comparable to Oakleys and Rudys and other performance shades. What’s great about Spyder is that the value for money is a winner. The lens are excellent, giving the user an undisturbed and fantastic view of nature. If you want cool and you are practical, I suggest you get one of these shades from Spyder.
That is my excuse for this article.

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