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What’s In The Bag? Summer Essentials

For me, summer means lakads, training, and sun. Well, it means sun for all of us. Preparations have to be done to beat the heat, and I do just that every day. So, what do I have on me on these scorching summer days? Well, I’ll run you through it.

What’s In The Bag? Summer Essentials

What’s In The Bag? Summer Essentials

Water bottle

Before anything else, I pack myself some water. On all occasions, even just a little water is a must have, and will keep me going in the long run. I tend to forget the inconvenience of carrying along a bulky bottle because refreshing water any time just makes my day much easier to get by. Stay hydrated.

Portable Speakers

At training or at hangouts, music will always help pick up the vibe. Summer bangers are dropping every week, with new hits from the likes of Anderson .Paak, Lil Uzi Vert, and Kevin Abstract. You never know when you’ll have the opportunity to jam out with people, so pack those speakers.


Most people make the mistake of thinking that wearing sunblock only protects you from getting darker. First of all, this isn’t even a bad thing. Getting sunburnt IS a bad thing, though. Sunblock protects you from all kinds of harmful effects that basking in the sun brings. Stepping out into the midday light a couple times per week brings tons of good vitamin D, but be sure to use sunblock for the safest results.


I used to think I wasn’t a shades person per se, but it turns out that I just haven’t found shades that fit me well. My dad ended up giving me his own Spyder shades, and they fit me just right. These turned out to be a game changer. Protection, utility, and style all wrapped into one pair of sunglasses? Count me in. Spyder’s gained my trust in shades, and I’m looking (hehe get it) forward to using these shades and other Spyder shades in the future.

And that about wraps it up. My bag’s got everything it needs for a productive day, and I’m off to make this summer a memorable one. Pack your bags too! Share with us what you got in your bag, too.

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