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Primo Cycles– prime time!

February 6, 2013 Comments (0) Blog Posts

What is Freeride?

Freeride is a branch in mountain biking wherein you ride more aggressively than the usual trail riding. There is cross country, trail, all mountain, freeride and downhill. There have been definitions and different bikes for each category, but who are they to dictate the landscape of the mountain bike industry? Β  Each year, new terms, new bikes and new components flood the market offering better handling, better acceleration, better suspension and better everything, but are we really ready for these changes? It used to be all the same, the width of the tires are the only factors that differentiate each racer from the other, but now, each rider and bike comes in different forms, shapes and sizes. I digress. This post is all about FreeRiding.
I cannot explain what it really means, but to quote a surfer friend of mine, freeride is comparable to surfing. “Only a surfer knows the feeling.”
Here is a video of people enjoying their bikes, Freeridin’ it in the mountain. The video is exciting, well made and entertaining, but the actual thing is different…

Go out and bike. You don’t need to jump and do free ride. All you gotta do is pedal and enjoy.

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