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What Do You Know About Titanium?

What do you know about Titanium?

Atomic Number 22

Symbol: Ti

how to pronounce in USA: Thai-Tey-neo M /////// how to pronounce in UK: Tea-Tey-neo M

When someone says that the bike is Titanium, one thing is for sure, that is expensive. You may pronounce the word titanium like the Americans or like the Brits, yet one thing stays the same, the tag price for the bike will never dip. I have done my research on titanium and here are the facts:

1. It is not easy to produce a Ti frame, due to the process and gathering of materials, thus the expensive price.

2. Ti leads among aluminum and steel when it comes to elongation (how far something breaks before it breaks).

3. Titanium is not a rare element, it is the process that makes it hard to own.

4. There are three main categories for titanium:
• CP or Commercially Pure – this is neither stiff nor strong enough. not for bicycle frames.
• 3AL-2.5V Alloy – consisting of 94.5% ti, 3% aluminium and 2.5% vanadium – perfect for building bicycle frames because of optimal, strength, fatigue endurance, and corrosion-resistance.
• 6AL-4V Alloy – alloy of 6% aluminum, 4% vanadium and 90% ti. Ti used for dropouts and the like.

5. All Ti components are not equal. You should research on where it was made, who made it and the manufacturer’s experience when it comes to titanium.

So we know the facts…now we want a Titanium frame.

titanium Control Tech

Since we invested so much on an expensive frame, it is only natural to put in the best parts for a Ti bike, right? A friend of mine asked me to post this bike up for sale. Here are the specs:

controltech ti mania medium 18

lauf fork

bmc rims

carbon sapim spokes

chrisking hubs

maxxis ardent 2.40 front tire

wtb weirwolf 2.55 rear tire

xtr groupset

no brake formula 1 brakeset

easton ec70 handlebar carbon

easton ec70 stem

easton ec 70 seatpost carbon

easton grip

wtb rocket v titanium

Titanium bike

Titanium bike









XTR ShimanoXTR r1









Lauf fork











Titanium chris king

front wheel









Ti cockpit











The bike is yours for 200,000 Php. That is a bargain!

control tech

Alas, the bike is sold already. At least now you know what to put in your picture board and attract.