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What Can Bikers Do During Quarantine: Search, Observe, Study

Quiet times inside your home may lead to a lot of things! Hopefully, you turn your thoughts into positive vibes!

Bikers During Quarantine: Search Observe Study

During cycling, when it is all but you and your bike, thoughts arrive like butterflies (so Eddie Vedder sang). Musings and ideas which may come to you anytime, but it is during these silent moments that the most unique ideas land.

So, in a quiet space you choose in your house, just close your eyes and meditate. Close your eyes for 60 seconds. Relax your breathing and think happy thoughts. Be thankful for your life. Be thankful for everything around you. Then just drift into quiet as if you were biking. Feel the wind, the happiness it brings you and just enjoy your quiet time.

Bikers During Quarantine: Search Observe Study

After searching for peace and love, pray that you be blessed with (whatever your heart desires!) __________________.


After quiet time, you feel that you are in the zone already. Focus on what you want to improve.

Eg: I want to be a better climber. You know what to key in as search words: “how to: better bike climber” There are numerous variations of searching, but the internet is THE one-stop-shop to research and study as well. Load up on a few videos and you will be better informed than you were 10 minutes ago. If reading is your thing, there are tons of reading material but make sure that the article is geared towards what you really want to know.

There is so much information out there. You just have to know how to filter and curate what you take in your brain.

Bikers During Quarantine: Search Observe Study
photo credit: Art/ The Outside Slacker (Mt. Ugo)


Aside from watching videos and reading, good research means trying out things on your own. How can you know which one is the best? You have to experience it first hand. If you do not have the means to try it, get the closest thing you can to simulate the feeling.

Eg: You have been long delaying the upgrade of your pedals to cleats. Do not have cleats as of the moment? Try tying-your-foot/taping-your-shoe on the pedal. This will give you the feeling of being on cleats. It is not the same, but you would “Feel” how it is. Just do it.

I remember my old Jedi Master once told me, “If it doesn’t kill you, it would make you better.” Now that you know more, you are a better person/biker.

Bikers During Quarantine: Search Observe Study


Watch and observe. Look at our environment. Is there something wrong? Can we do something about it? Be sensitive of the things, persons, plants and everything around. We must absorb all the senses around.

Remember the feeling, the smell, the taste and the look and let them be precious experiences which we can use for the future. Now that you’ve bookmarked it, it is easier to recall the sense needed to recall.

Bikers During Quarantine: Search Observe Study


In times of uncertainty, we should be on our toes; alert and cautious of the next move. While waiting, we should study. Adapt to the environment. Learn a new skill, or hone a talent. Prepare for the future yet at the same time live on the present. Nobody knew this was coming. Study your surroundings and help yourself/ help the people in need.

Bikers During Quarantine: Search Observe Study

Be a better person and evolve.

It is during these challenging times that we need to become better. Stronger.

Thank you GMBN for the awesome video.

Now that you know more, you are a better person/biker.

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