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September 18, 2014 Comments (0) Blog Posts

Wet the Helmet

Wear protection. Whether it is a helmet or a condom, always be safe. You’ll never know when Murphy’s Law will strike.

dec 2013 (19)
Ever since I started riding mountain bikes, it has been a habit for me to wear a helmet ‘coz for me, the rider looks better when wearing a lid.
I guess it’s wearing the gear that amuses me. Donning the cool helmet, sporting them colorful gloves, and rocking that bike specific shoes. I’ve always been a fan of the X-games and seeing myself in an X-games outfit really excites me. I used to have knee and shin protectors that were made of hard plastic. The kind which gravity guys wear. I felt like a Storm trooper when I wore my gear. My weapon: my mountain bike
So, wearing the right helmet is really a major decision for me. I change my helmet every few years because the pads thin out, the strap begins to smell, and the stickers fade.
To better appreciate where helmet technology is now, please watch this.

A daredevil would not wear a helmet during intense dirt riding, risking death if he takes a nasty spill. But for me, it is much cooler to wear a helmet. It is your attitude and style that makes you a daredevil, not by going helmetless.
bell helmet
Also, wearing a helmet increases your riding confidence level to greater heights. Try it, IT WORKS!

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