Weapon of Choice

Showcase of the bicycles of planet Earth. One of the best machines in the planet, it is simple enough to bring us places faster. Two wheels and aesthetically satisfying, the modern bicycle is one toy that is something to brag about.

Road, Mountain, Fat, Foldable, whatever you ride, if you are happy with your toy, it is all good. Just go out there and ride. This is freedom!

Welcome to the gallery of bikes. Here are some bikes built by my friends. Enjoy!

  • Roberts-Custom-Maldea.jpg
  • Jeprox.jpg
  • Kona DH
  • Giant Trance
  • Tony's serious XC titanium bike
  • Johns-Boardman.jpg
  • Mini-Velo-Project.jpg
  • Specialized-Enduro.jpg
  • Nishiki.jpg
  • Specialized
  • Jay-Sants-FatMofo.jpg
  • Bike-of-the-Lourd.jpg
  • Disco-Shaiders-Lynskey-Ti.jpg
  • weapon of choice
    Specialized AWOL by Wins
  • Chumba wamba
  • FixedGearFreeStyle.jpg
  • Rys-Epic-29er.jpg
  • Johns-Race-BMC.jpg
  • Chuckie-Bronson-C.jpg
  • ginos-uzzi
  • Specialized-Epic.jpg
  • la bici of mike
  • Gino's yeti
  • Black-Ops-Salsa-Fatty.jpg
  • Bertoni-Corsa-Mondiale.jpg
  • Beast.jpg
  • Santa Cruz Tallboy
  • Scott-Carbon.jpg
  • Jackal-Syndicate.jpg
  • Santa-Cruz-Solo.jpg
  • On-One-carbon.jpg
  • Ventana.jpg
  • Bogs-Intense.jpg
  • Diamondback-klunker.jpg
  • Ohmars-Full-Sus-Marin.jpg
  • 1984-Centurion-Comp.jpg
  • giant Defy advanced
    Mike's Daphne Giant Defy advanced
  • Lees-Nomad.jpg
  • mini-velo.jpg
  • dsc_1484

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