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Riding Solo

June 6, 2013 Comments (0) Blog Posts

We are Human.

In the past few days, I’ve been talking to biker friends and their recent crashes. A co-worker recently had an arm injury and he told me how the bike accident happened. It’s a painful story. It makes me cringe and I feel the pain as he tells the tale.
We just have to heal and take some time off. Contemplate, pray, watch bike videos and hope for a speedy healing process. Therapy helps a lot, but the right mind set greatly helps in the quick recovery and getting back in the saddle. Once you are one hundred percent capable again, you should learn from your previous mistakes and not do them again. Thus, you will emerge as a better rider, stronger and wiser than before.

I like this particular video for it depicts Chris Akrigg as a human. He may be a great trials rider and downhiller, but he crashes also. This video gives us the reality that in producing these bike videos, there are edited stuff. Here, they show these moments which we seldom see in other bike videos.

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