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Watch: Road Bikes To Lust On

Watch: Road Bikes To Lust On

I am a fan of bicycles. Any form or shape, as long as it is a bicycle, I would give it a second and third look. I would even stare at it if it was really a thing of beauty. There are builds which are so tastefully and beautifully done which deserve praise. A bike build has to have elements of functionality and aesthetics and form in order to be raised up in the podium of “Useful Machines”.


Man has continued to research and improve the bicycle in order to make it lighter, more functional and more efficient. Road bikes which are built for speed and racing mix the elements of durability and design to achieve these pretty road toys for the racers.


“Put it in a windtunnel! Make it lighter! Make it more aerodynamic! Eliminate the caliper brakes! Slap on some disc brakes!”

“Make it wireless! Hide the wires inside the frame! It should look flawless!”

“This color scheme is better with this design… This color combination makes the bike look sleeker.”

So much has been said and done. Let us now look at Bike Radar’s top 5 picks for 2018:

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What can you say about the clean, wireless look of the BMC Teammachine SLR01? It is really a matter of preference but I find this BMC really sexy and appealing. The simplicity of the lines dictates beauty. Tell us your thoughts! Do you like the S-Works better? Or do you prefer the expensive and rare Storck?


Ride hard!