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May 24, 2013 Comments (0) Blog Posts

Veteran Pro Rider

One of the crew has an office mate from Australia who was into mountain bikes. One day, they got to talk over lunch and they agreed to ride last weekend. John brought over his bike from the Land Down Under. He’s one of those avid bikers whom you can’t take away from the saddle. Come weekend, rain or shine, they hit our favorite playground, Mt. Maarat. It was drizzling, but that didn’t stop them from climbing the Shotgun. It was all too muddy so they called it a day and headed home.
The next weekend, God permitted good weather for John. We climbed the Wall and he was really pumped on conquering this most talked about “pader”. On the way up, we saw Jeff of the John Wilke bike clan. I told him to go and challenge this 50 year old Aussie. Jeff happily agreed and stuck with John. They mashed up the wall and it was a healthy fun race. John and Jeff enjoyed the ascent. This half a century rider still has got the leg muscle of a 20 year old podium finisher.
riding with john sadler (1)
We hit the trails and I noticed how smoothly he glided over the technical terrain. One thing I noticed with “learned” riders, their bikes seldom get that muddy. They have this Zen like style of riding that they seem to just float and be one with nature. Yes, they get dirty, simply because they love the mud, but it is all well-placed and awesome dirt.
As we rode along, I found out that he used to compete professionally in Australie and he was sponsored by Cannondale. He got a new bike every year so he accumulated a total of 30 plus bikes. I was astonished. I was flattered to be able to ride with him. Till our next ride, John. “Sarap!!!”

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