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March 13, 2013 Comments (0) Bicycles, Blog Posts

Valeen on Valleybikes

Lerrrve ittt!
Valeen Montenegro was all smiles when she saw her Plum mountain bike. She was so excited and giddy that she instantly rode it around. She liked the color combination and over-all “look” of the two wheeled machine.
plum plum plum (3)
The cute and very plum bike is mixed with a black cockpit.
Shimano drives and stops the bike with the 2013 drivetrain and hydraulics.
plum plum plum (2)
It is accented with white rims and pedals. Hutchinson knobby tires make this bike roll.
Decals courtesy of Valeen.
plum plum plum (4)
Valeen M

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