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UP Diliman Bike Hits

The weekend vibe at University of the Philippines Diliman is such a positive and fun atmosphere that it’s hard not to have a good time at the state U. The school blocks off the academic oval so runners and bikers can freely roam around and take over the main avenue. Weekend riders, joggers and people who want to get fit go around the campus to clock in the miles.
I recently discovered the secret trail in UP Diliman for a fellow biker asked me if I tried out the trail inside UP. I wondered if that was the same trail we used to bike years ago. Incidentally, mountain bikers created a new trail near the College of Human Kinetics. I rode with my 11 year old son to UP and looked for the trail.
When we arrived at the College of Human Kinetics, there was a biker there whom I recognized from my neighborhood. We talked and I asked him where the bike trail was. He told me there were two trails; a beginner’s trail and an advanced trail.
We hit the beginner’s trail which was relatively very easy, with turns and ascents ride-able for a fully rigid bike. The trail was mostly flat and you can practice your cross country riding skills here.

The advanced trail was more technical but still relatively easy. It had a few mounds and some dirt jumps, which could excite your senses. If you are training for an XC race, this is the perfect training ground for you can go fast and mash your bike to its speed limit on dirt.

It’s good to know that there’s a continuous effort in making bike tracks like these around the city. This proves that the mountain bike community is flourishing. Kudos to the makers of the UP bike track.
OLD SCHOOL Bike trail in UP
There were old school dirt jump mounds in UP back in the day. It was located at the back of the AS Parking lot. I got a lot of battle scars from the jumps there because it was too hardcore for me. One could catch serious air time with the 4 foot dirt ramps. You should have complete protective gear (helmet, knee pads and elbow pads) in order to survive those jumps unscathed. Ahhh, fun times.

Bike Palo with 43 Bikes
If you are into riding Fixed gear bikes, check out the Bike Polo games at the AS parking lot every Sunday. Spearheaded by Ben of 43 Bikes, this fun activity is for serious fixies. Bored with your horse? Try Bike Palo!

ben polobike polo


Celebrity Sighting at UP Diliman
I bumped into Tuesday Vargas, host of Katok sa Cusina, vocalist of Top Junk, comedian at Tropa Moko Unli, mother, rocker and UP Alumna. She was biking with her kid, Kaya while her husband Coy ran. She is rockin’ a black hard tail MT bike. Oh yeah!

Of course, after biking and exercising in Diliman, you shouldn’t miss out on the wonderful isaw, fishball, kwek-kwek, taho, ice cream, tapsilog and other food available around. You’ll never get hungry in UP.

There’s a lot more to UP than meets the eye. You just have to dig deeper and enjoy.

Bike Palo photos courtesy of Ben 43bikes