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September 25, 2019 Comments (0) Blog Posts

True Trials: Wimber's Law

Ever since Danny Macaskill made the Inspired video years back, cycling in the streets has never been the same. Little ramps and tiny obstacles make riding more interesting. I am no expert, but urban landscapes are quite different from the natural tracks of nature. (concrete is harder than soil)

photo credit: Redbull.com

Fabio Wimber is just 24 years old (born June 30, 1995) and his idol Danny Macaskill got him in the Ride and Roll posse. This guy is really good, plus his technique is smooth. I am not saying he is better than Danny, but I look up to him for his skills are quite impressive.

Enjoy his video, Wimber’s Law.

Shot in Austria, Fabio’s native country.

I used to ride BMX in my younger years. Yet that was about it. I saved up all my allowance in order to buy the latest BMX parts in my local bike shop. When the Odyssey came out with the detangler rotor for tricks, I rarely spent just so I can buy those rotors!

But even if my bike had ’em, I never got to learn any tricks out of the BMX. I just rode it and had fun. I guess I never had enough friends who were into freestyle and flatland. But even if I never got to do any tricks aside from the “Look Ma, No hands”, I had ton of fun on my BMX.

Fabio, on the other hand is a different story. His inspiration and idol, Danny Macaskill got him to try out Trials and now, they are friends who ride and do tricks together.

Cheers for Fabio! The guy who never stopped riding and doing his best until he was on the level of his idol. Good job, Fabio!

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